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St. Boswells Scotland

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Information on the village of St. Boswells in Scotland.

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Work being carried out in St Boswells Hall

Dear User of St Boswells Village Hall


From 5th February 2018, Oliver & Son Joiners will be starting Stage 2 of the dry rot treatment at St Boswells Village Hall.
It is hoped that this stage will be completed by the end of February/beginning of March.

Stage 1 was completed successfully in the Disabled Toilet and the only task there is to replace the flooring. That will be done at the end of Stage 2.
Stage 2 will be more disruptive and the Hall Management Committee asks you to work with us whilst we carry out this crucial work.

Stage 2 will involve the Ladies Toilet and the area of floor in the lobby in front of the Lesser Hall and Ladies Toilet, down to the Disabled Toilet/Gents Toilet Access.
The floor will be taken up and part of the walls may be removed, the floor and walls around the area will be treated and floor replaced. The walls will then be re-plastered and re-painted. The non-slip linoleum flooring will then be replaced along with ladies toilet sinks unit and so on.

The Ladies Toilets will NOT be accessible during FEBRUARY Hall Users will be able to use the Disabled Toilet and the Gents Toilets.

The entrance to the Lesser Hall from the Lobby will NOT be accessible during FEBRUARY Lesser Hall users will be able to enter the Lesser Hall through the kitchen.

For Stage 2, Olivers will endeavour to keep the disruption to a minimum please remember this work must be done to safeguard the hall from the dry rot spreading further.

Stage 3 of the work will be at some point in the future and may involve lifting the floor in the Lesser Hall. More advance notice will be made for this work as the Lesser Hall is well used and alternative meeting rooms may need to be found for some users.

Any questions please contact Kate by email katewarneroffice@gmail.com.

Your co-operation and understanding during this time are appreciated.

Kind regards
St Boswells Village Hall Management Committee

Work being carried out in St Boswells Hall, Scotland