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St. Boswells Scotland

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Information on the village of St. Boswells in Scotland.

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from Find the Lady 2008 St Boswells Drama Club, Scottish Borders
from Find the Lady 2008

St Boswells Drama Club

St Boswells Drama Club, which is a member of the Scottish Community Drama Association, was founded in 1951 by George Harvey who was the first Producer.
The club has had a production every year since then.

The Club is always delighted to have new members and the Stage Manager needs some "willing hands" to help with set building etc.

Playreadings for next year's production begin in October on Tuesday evenings in St Boswells Primary School.

For more information contact:
Christine Lawrie 01835 823377.

Chair - Alan Frank,
Secretary - Anne Greig,
Librarian - Christine Lawrie
Treasurer - Anna Assing

Past Performances by St Boswells Drama Club

1951 One Act Plays
1952 One Act Plays
1953 Granny
1954 Mr Pimm Passes By
1955 Bunty Pulls the Strings
1956 Candied Peel
1957 The Happiest Days of Your Life
1958 This Happy Breed
1959 Quiet Weekend
1960 The Peaceful Inn
1961 The Hollow
1962 Wild Goose Chase
1963 Search by Night
1964 The Miser
1965 Bachelors are Bold
1966 The Wooden Dish
1967 Cat on the Fiddle
1968 Night Must Fall
1969 Happy Days
1970 The House by the Lake
1971 The Blue Goose
1972 The Brides of March
1973 The Bride and the Bachelor
1974 A Letter from the General
1975 And This was Odd
1976 - The Piper o' Kinlowrie
1977 Cambusdonald Royal
1978 Brush with a Body
1979 Murder on the Nile
1980 A Bird in the Hand
1981 Brodie the Broadsword
1982 Scarlet Ribbons
1983 Fool's Paradise
1984 No Time for Fig-leaves
1985 The House on the Cliff
1986 A Hundred Thousand Welcomes
1987 Midsummer Mink
1988 One Act Plays The Last Battle & The Black Ring
1989 Bonaventure
1990 Pardon Me, Prime Minister
1991 Fish out of Water
1992 Miranda
1993 Flying Feathers
1994 The Blue Goose
1995 Lucky for Some
1996 The Deil's Awa
1997 One Act Plays The Changeling & Easy Stages
1998 Murdered to Death
1999 The Campbells are Coming
2000 Two Comedies Some Do, Some Don't & We'll Go No More a' Reivin
2001 Too Soon for Daisies
2002 Walk into my Parlour
2003 Pickle in Paradise
2004 One Act Plays Meadows End & When Bachelors Bargain
2005 Kindly Keep it Covered
2006 Out of Focus
2007 Surprise Package
2008 - Find the Lady
2009 - The Rape of the Belt
2010 - Culture Crazy

from Find the Lady 2008 St Boswells Drama Club, Scottish Borders
from Find the Lady 2008
The Cast 2008 St Boswells Drama Club, Scottish Borders
The Cast 2008

St Boswells Drama Club, Scotland