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Information on the village of St. Boswells in Scotland.

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Draft Minute of the Meeting of St Boswells CC held on 30th May 2019


Members of the public are reminded they should email any proposed agenda items or questions to Charles Strang, Secretary, St Boswells Parish Community Council stbospccsecretary@gmail.com prior to the meeting

Minutes of meeting held on Thursday 30th May 2019
John Pollock welcomed everyone.
What to do in the event of fire was circulated.
Attending : J Pollock, A. Frank, W. Burns, S. Pollock, A. Marks,G. Tweddle, Cllr Hamilton, Cllr Scott

Apologies: M. Barrie, A. Drummond, Rachel Hamilton (MSP)

1. Arrangements for Annual Gypsy Fair

Additional Attendees for this item only : PC K.Downs, James Purves (SBC Traveller Liaison), Graham Jones (SBC Safer Communities), Craig Blackie (SBC Parks&Env.)

Draft leaflet was tabled for discussion.
Arrival Wed 17th June, Fair on 18th July, Depart following Mon.
CB confirmed Toilet provision and skip confirmed for 17th-22nd.
No power or standpipe provision as usual.
Emergency access 6m wide to be delineated with white-lining parallel to boundary wall with houses.
Leaflet should be distributed prior to arrival by email with request to distribute to other families but JP will also distribute to local shops and neighbouring houses.
Police will call in occasionally to introduce themselves.
Fire Support will visit to discuss safety and fires etc.
Access/Entry/Exit to be from A699 Maxton road not from Main Street and to be shown on leaflet.
Grass cut will be suspended for July by request.
CC Chair will pay welcome visit accompanied by PC Downs.
Dates for 2020 - Thurs 16th - Mon 20th.
Post Fair meeting with SBC to be arranged end-July.
SBC Representatives left the meeting

4 members of the public joined the meeting

[2]. Police Report[/b]
Be aware of scams especially Phishing/Smishing/Vishing. Current phone scam - posing as Ministry of Justice asking for money in order to access bank details.
10 Anti-social Behaviours reported for March and 2 Domestic calls.
No dog fouling notices issued.
Multiple road checks - no issues.
Bus/Parking area - lines and signage could help - JP to contact C.Blackie
Fly tipping issue - SBC confirm this is in-hand. PC Downs checked but can't find any evidence of culprit.
CRIMESTOPPERS 0800 555 111 or 101 or kevin.downs@scotland.pnn.police.uk
Add discussion of security presentation to wider community to agenda of June meeting

PC Downs left the meeting.

3. Pines Burn Wind Farm
Lambert Kleinjans, Energiekontor joined the meeting.
Gained consent Aug 2019 - capital cost c.£50m - 1st subsidy free Scottish windfarm.
12 turbines - 75m high - grid connection agreement in place - finance to be in place by end of this year - deliveries during summer 2021 over a 3 month period.
St Boswells junction is on preferred route - initial consultation with Transport Scotland and SBC - require agreement for a run-over area on the Green to be reinstated after delivery period. Tree by War Memorial may need to be re-positioned permanently.
Aim is to have Option signed by the end of 2019.There are about 100 points of interest along the route but only about 12 are non-Highways owned.
Preferred manufacture location is Rosyth but not yet finalised.
Denholm is to be avoided due to important trees.
Tree at War Memorial junction commemorates the Boer War but has already been replaced several times but could this be avoided by taking more from The Green?
Heads of Terms offers payment of professional property & legal consultants of CC’s choice subject to approval of fee estimate by Energiekontor.
AP to identify possible consultants for discussion at June meeting.

4. Items carried forward from previous meetings
Christmas lights - awaiting price. GT to pursue.
A68/Main Street junction - letter of support from CC and Parent Council to Amey outlining perceived issues would be welcomed.
CS/JP/AP to draft for approval. Cllr Hamilton to provide contact details.
Garden Competition SP to provide judging criteria etc.
Car Boot Sale - revised information sheet to be circulated for comment. AD/CS
Skip at Rugby Club - removed.

5. Treasurer’s Report
Balance as at end May 2019 £5,019.19 but still awaiting invoices from SBC for work carried out last financial year. Once settled, this would leave a balance of £2,061.19.

6. Woodland Pond
Watercourse contamination is ongoing. Has been attributed to Charlesfield biomass plant.
Meeting with SEPA on-site Tues 6th June at 1.45pm - attendees will include CC members, Councillors, Landowners.

7. Woodland Sub-Committee Report
Rory Powell, Buccleuch Ranger has moved to Bowhill. The new POC is Michael Paton (mpaton@buccleuch.com)
School has developed a “Spotters” list - will look into getting a permanent sign and the possibility of installing wildlife cameras funded by Awards4All.
Buccleuch has been notified about pond contamination and will attend meeting with SEPA.
A tree felling licence is in place for 70ish trees but it is not known if Buccleuch are planning to implement. AP to pursue.
Agreed a “Natural woodland” was a key objective.
Any spaces could be filled with “Fruitful” tree pack - holly, dogwood, hazel, rowan etc. BFT tree grant can only reimburse expenditure. RP to explore other options.
Currently no perceived demand from wider community to add new paths to north woodland and a greater biodiversity could be achieved from developing grass “rides”.
Current working arrangement with Buccleuch estates was thought to be sufficient for current purposes and no-one has time to take control/responsibility for the woodland at present so recommend not entering into long term lease at this time. CC to note.
Consider a Memo of Understanding with Buccleuch to standardise arrangements.
AP to pursue.
Calendar of Work/Management & Development Plan to be drafted.
WB/RP/AF to meet with BFT to pursue.

8. Community Council Network AGM
The purpose is to enable CC’s to share experiences, provide training, organise an annual conference.
CS attended and reported back regarding Community Participation reports. CS to circulate. Post meeting note : SBCCN Bulletin circulated - Area Partnership dates, South Of Scotland Economic Partnership (SOSEP) consultation dates, link to SBCCN website (under construction)
Proposal to consider St Boswells Parish community profile versus SBC averages.
CS to collate.

9. Area Partnership
Any member of the public may attend. Provides an opportunity for you to participate in informal discussion and debate about challenges and opportunities you see affecting your area.
Localities Fund budget to be distributed by Area Partnership in future.
Cllr Hamilton to provide info. on criteria.
Proposal to discuss holding “Open” meeting for community to inform CC decisions and priorities. CS June agenda item.
CS to contact Eildon Area Partnership to determine their issues and approach. CS

10. Councillors Report
Purdah for EU elections now over.
Issues with voting on iphones for current round of Localities Fund projects.
Naming of new Jedburgh Educational Campus voting online.
Inspire Learning Programme - demo pending.
Harestanes opening was successful.
Lanton CC is able to continue/reform.

11. Planning
SBC Planning Portal/Advanced Search/Weekly List/St Boswells Community Council
Cruachan, Weirgate Link here Cruachan
Laundry and vestibule at Vets. Link Here Vets

12. Correspondence
SOSEP Consultation events are taking place. CS to circulate info. DONE

13. AOCB
Spare place on CC - All to canvas anyone interested to submit forms available on SBC website.
Litter on sports field - suggest letter to school to remind students of issues with littering. CS to pursue.
Former West Croft Trust - Ownership is not clear now that Trust is no longer operating and has been looked into several times - confirmed CC do not want ownership.
Braeheads - beech tree has been cut down - resident advised to contact SBC Tree Officer if they have concerns about whether correct procedure was followed.
Hedge at Thoartergate/Benrig - left untidy - CS to contact farmer.
Village Regeneration - any update? AP to contact Colin Banks, SBC.
Thanks to be passed to volunteer who strimmed in Community Woodland. JP

Date of Next Meeting
27th June 2019 at 7:15pm in The Lesser Hall.
Please note start time.

Draft Minute of the Meeting of St Boswells CC held on 30th May 2019, Scotland