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Information on the village of St. Boswells in Scotland.

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Draft Minute of the Meeting of St Boswells CC held on 27th June

Members of the public are reminded they should email any proposed agenda items or questions to Charles Strang, Secretary, St Boswells Parish Community Council stbospccsecretary@gmail.com prior to the next meeting to be held in The Lesser Hall on 29th Aug. 2019 at 7.15pm

Minutes of meeting held on Thursday 27th June 2019

John Pollock welcomed everyone.
What to do in the event of fire was circulated.

: J Pollock, C. Strang, A. Frank, W. Burns, S. Pollock, A. Marks,G. Tweddle, M. Barrie, A. Drummond, A. Patterson, Cllr Hamilton, 9 Members of the Public

Apologies: P.C. Downs, Cllr Scott.

1. Pines Burn Wind Farm
Mike Reid, Galbraiths attended for this item.
Energiekontor have no compulsory purchase powers.
Access rights would be for the full term of the contract (25years).
An “Option” outlines the conditional arrangements for the lease.
All consents for the project are required to be in place before actioning the lease which may mean the lease does not go ahead after negotiations.
Heads of Terms are not contractually binding so CC fees incurred in relation to negotiating the agreement would require to be subject to a legally binding agreement so that they are paid regardless of whether the project goes ahead.
CC can stipulate trees to remain in situ subject to further land take if that is required.
Value of the land should be based on the output of the windfarm and could be linked to future value.
CC should retain rights of access in the future and not pass to Energiekontor in case of other companies requiring access in the future.
Breaks in lease should reflect life of windfarm and not allow early breaks by contractor without penalty.
Annual payments rather than one-off lump sum should be considered. This could be index linked and variable to mirror future energy values.
Title Deed requirements
Land needs to be registered withLand Registry (cost to be borne by Energiekontor).
Need to check whether CC own Mineral Rights or if they have been reserved by Buccleuch Estates. This may necessitate a tripartite agreement.
Energiekontor wish to approve the CC choice of professional advisors and fee level.
Mike Reid left the meeting.
AD to contact Pike & Chapman Solicitors.

2. Police Report
Report submitted prior to the meeting.
Members of the Public raised an issue of an out of control dog that had attacked their own dog in the village on 30th May. Pictures of the dog’s very serious injuries were circulated, along with the vet’s invoice.
The Dog Control Officer had been informed and had tried to visit the OOC dog’s owners three times but had no answer.
It is known that at least one other official complaint has been made of a lack of supervision and control of the dog by the owners. Other informal discussions have confirmed long-standing concerns.
Unfortunately the Dog Control Officer is now on sick leave.
The Police had been notified but advised it is not yet a Police matter.

CC to approach Police to express concern. Incident No. 3627
Cllr Hamilton to approach SBC Dog Control Officer with a view to escalating the issue.

CRIMESTOPPERS 0800 555 111 or 101 or kevin.downs@scotland.ppn.police.uk

3. Previous Minutes
Corrections : Date of Gypsy Fair 17th July not June
Meeting with SEPA 4th not 6th June
Proposed including amendments : A. Frank
Seconded : M. Barrie

4. Items Carried Forward from previous meeting
PC Downs security presentation TBA
Christmas lights - 220 bubs to be supplied and fitted by Ruthven’s £760+VAT. AM confirmed sufficient funds available. Agreed to accept estimate. GT + AM to note.
Letter to Amey re. A68/Main Street issues. CS/AP to draft
West Croft Trust - AD to pass info on Trust searches to CS.
Village Garden Competition - info passed to AM and MB.
Car Boot Sale - there were issues with the last organiser. AD to issue warning notice.
Woodland Pond - awaiting sight of Enforcement Notice from SEPA.
Post Meeting Note : JP forwarded for info.
Discussion about remediation. AP to contact Tweed Forum to seek advice.
Village Regeneration - Colin Banks currently on leave.
Post meeting Note : SBC seeking meeting with vets. Update expected end of summer.
Litter on Playpark and Low Grade vandalism in woodland - CS to draft letters to primary and secondary schools and cc to GT for forwarding to primary school.
CC Vacancy - someone could be co-opted if they approach a CC Member.

5. Treasurer’s Report
Work carried out by SBC on paths is still to be invoiced leaving a balance of £2,054.20. Less £1,000 allocation for Christmas lights. AM to note.
CC noted thanks to Milestone Garden centre for supplying bedding plants FOC.

6. Community Woodland
CC noted low grade vandalism/party. Tree signs were damaged, glass smashed and stairs and benches damaged.
JP to advise PC Downs.

7. Councillor’s Report

CCTV provision - Area Partnership to be consulted regarding future of provision.
Localities Bid Funding - project votes being counted.
Playpark closures - none in St Boswells - looking at cost of upgrading to be fit for purpose.
Public Toilets - consultation continuing on company taking over the running.
New SBC Neighbourhood Manager is Keith Miller. JP to contact.

8. CC Meeting format
CS + AP to draft suggestion for future discussion.

9. Planning
SBC Planning Portal/Advanced Search/Weekly List/St Boswells Community Council
Demolition of 2 garages
Erection of dwellinghouse

Application 19/00819/FUL Erection of Dwellinghouse
Members of the Public attended to express concern over the proposal to demolish two out of three garages and to erect a two storey dwelling.
Proposal is within the Conservation Area and it was noted that IDOX (SBC Planning Portal) had been down for 4 days of consultation period.
Deadline for comments is 3rd July for Neighbours and 10th July for others.
CC generally support the objections.
CS to submit comments on behalf of CC.

Post Meeting Note : The following application has been submitted
Car demo area Land south + west of Toyota

10. Correspondence
Nothing new to report.

11. AOCB
An issue was raised on behalf of SBHA tenants regarding lack of consultation regarding access to their gardens for scaffolding to carry out work on former nursery building. AF to contact SBHA to raise residents concerns.

Date of Next Meeting 29th August 2019 at 7:15pm in The Lesser Hall. Please note start time.

Draft Minute of the Meeting of St Boswells CC held on 27th June, Scotland