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Information on the village of St. Boswells in Scotland.

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Draft Minute of Meeting of St Boswells CC of 25th April 2019

St. Boswells Parish Community Council

Members of the public are reminded they should email any proposed agenda items to Charles Strang, Secretary, St Boswells Parish Community Council stbospccsecretary@gmail.com prior to meetings

Minutes of meeting held on Thursday 25 April 2019

• John Pollock welcomed everyone attending.
• What to do in event of Fire circulated.

• Attending: J Pollock, C Strang, A Frank, S Pollock, G Tweddle, A Marks, M Barrie, A Patterson, A Drummond, Cllr S Hamilton, Cllr S Scott, and four members of the public, PC Downs (part meeting)

• Apologies: W Burns, R Parker,

• Minutes of the last meeting: Thurs. 26th Mar 2019
Proposed: S Pollock, Seconded: C Strang

• Items Carried Forward :
• Pathways maintenance contract – AD proposed mid-May/July/Sept cuts – TBC
• Christmas lights – GT will get alternative prices
• Tweed Clean Event – JP to email SBCC when weather and river level permits
• A68/Main Street roundabout – Cllr H emailed Amey – response awaited
• Trees at Mertoun riverside – appears Tweed Forum have responsibility and are aware

1 Police Report :

• PC Downs started in post 20 Jan 2019
• A few house break-ins and “drive offs” at Lawries garage were reported.
• A number of abandoned vehicles in Charlesfield Industrial area have been removed with a small number remaining.
• A speed-gun has been used in the village with no speeding issues found.
• Previously reported fly-tipping is in-hand but is not a priority due to location.
• Car parking has been recorded as a slight issue at the bus station. It was felt clearer signage would be helpful.
• JP reported that parking outside the Village Hall and the Vets/Hamilton Place junction is often an issue.
• Community Action Team has been set up to address particular anti-social issues that have been identified by communities particularly sporting/social events. Currently 5 posts with more being agreed recently.
• PC Downs reminded all to report any concerns asap rather than waiting.
PC Downs offered to do a presentation to the community on Security.

2 Treasurers Report :
• SBC still to invoice for works carried out which will leave a balance of £1,470.04 as at 25 April 2019.

3 Pathways :
• CJS advise a slight delay to completing Tennis Club/Woodland access due to lack of material supplies.

4 Village Garden Competition:
AM + MB to take forward.

5 CC Network Meeting:
The purpose is to enable CC's to share experiences, provide training, organise an annual conference.
• The Bridge are now supporting as Secretariat.
• Some discussion regarding the current priorities of the CCN and low attendance.
• It is proposed that different CC members should attend to gain experience of the network opportunities.

6 Area Partnership:
Any member of the public may attend. It provides an opportunity for you to participate in informal discussion and debate about the challenges and opportunities you see affecting your area.
Area partnerships look to bring together key organisations, groups, businesses and individuals from across the public, private and third sectors and from within our local communities to collectively work together.
• Draft Cheviot Locality Plan and discussion output from previous meetings are available on SBC website under “Your Council” section.
• The next meeting, 19t June 2019, Jedburgh venue tbc, will look at ways of measuring success for the priorities previously identified.
• Public Consultation on whether communities think there is an issue with alcohol consumption in Public Places – via website or post or CC members.
• Localities Fund – 2019/20 projects currently voting online / post / locality events / proxy – each person has more than one vote but cannot vote for one project more than once.
• Some discussion on making connections with Eildon Area Partnership regarding common issues

7 SBC Councillors Report :
• Next Full Council to be held in Kelso due to EU elections.
• Harestanes opening Sunday 28 April.
• Alistair Finney is retiring from post of Cheviot Area Neighbourhood Manager so communication should be through Cllrs for the moment.
• TSB in Jedburgh is to reduce hours – Tue & Fri half days only.
• Sunday Jedburgh Market was very successful.
• St Boswells has been voted the Best Place to Live in Scotland by Sunday Time

8 Planning :
Tree application for Spingfield Tce approved.
1 Application to be circulated - CS

9 Correspondence :
Scottish Community Development Centre Report on “Strengthening Community Councils” – circulated previously – report “explores how CC's can be more relevant...especially as public service reform continues...” and makes a series of recommendations. Event planned in Edinburgh.

• CC Car Boot Sale Sunday 28th April 2019
Discussion regarding other Boot Sale organisers not complying with requirements to manage access and parking adequately. Non-compliance will result in withdrawal of permission for organisers in the future.
AD to draft follow-up email to be sent to organisers one week prior to date.
• Funfair will set up after car boot sale and be in location for one week.
• CC Chair advised that post of Trustee to Village Hall has been relinquished at request of VH Committee.
• Community Woodland has been tidied, pond cleared and new trees planted.
• Secretary requested feedback on the new style of Agenda + Minutes. - All CC
• Some street lights have been on for 24hrs – were reported but no action.
Post meeting note : email has been received from SBC regarding difficulties with fittings supplied and design delays.
• Update on village bypass was requested. It was previously advised that this would not be undertaken until further housing was carried out around the village.
• Skip at rear of rugby club not covered and causing an issue – JP to contact Waste Management.
• Update on Pines Burn Windfarm – Energiekontor are currently negotiating with manufacturers and are seeking Approval In Principle with CC in order to progress. Any agreement will be subject to further detailed info being acceptable.
• Energiekontor offered to attend CC to discuss and have provided Heads of Terms for initial agreement in principle.
• Committee Clerk confirms there is no issue with CC holding money in our own right.
• We may wish to seek independent advice on contract arrangements and land valuation. It appears Heads of Terms includes provision for reclaiming professional fees in connection with this.
• JP still awaiting response from Buccleuch regarding their interest, if any.
Energiekontor to be invited to next CC meeting to discuss.

Thursday May 30 2019 at 7:00pm in Lesser Village Hall, St Boswells

First Item – Gypsy Fair

Attached Police report Details:
Cyber Scams Awareness – What can you do?

Phishing refers to fraudulent emails that trick the receivers into sharing their personal, financial or sensitive information.

• Keep your software updated
• Be especially vigilant if a bank email requests sensitive information
• Look at the email closely
• Don’t reply to a suspicious email
• Don’t click on the link or download.

Smishing is the attempt by fraudsters to acquire personal, financial or security information by text message.

• Don’t click on links, attachments or images you receive without verifying the sender
• Don’t be rushed
• Never respond to a text message that requests your pin
• If you think you might have responded to a smishing text, contact your bank immediately.

Vishing is a phone scam in which fraudsters try to trick the victim into divulging personal, financial or security information or into transferring money to them.

• Beware of unsolicited telephone calls
• Take the callers number and advice you will call them back
• To confirm their identity, look up the organisations phone number
• Don’t validate the caller using the phone number they have given you
• Don’t assume a caller is genuine
• Don’t share your credit or debit card pin number or your online password
• Don’t transfer money
• If in doubt, report to your bank.

Anti social behaviour
The total number of Anti-Social Behaviour Incidents for the Scottish Borders Area in April 2019 was 1198.

The total number of Anti-Social Behaviour Incidents for the St Boswells Area in March 2019 was 10.

These are broken down into the following categories:

Acts directed at others 2 (1 youth related) threat/social media
Loutish behaviour 2
Dishonesties 1
Nuisance calls 1 games in inappropriate areas
Noise issues 1
Antisocial Driving 1

Total Youth Calls 1

Incidents not directly impacting on the community
2 Domestic calls

Dog Fouling
No Dog Fouling Fixed Penalty Tickets have been issued.

Indiscriminate Parking and Speeding
The area was subject to multiple road checks. No offences detected in this area.

Misuse of Drugs
There have been no recorded stop and searches in the ward area during January 2019.

During April 2019 there were 31 incidents reported to the Police with no crimes having been recorded.

Incidents of note:

Crime Prevention
Police Scotland urge our communities to be vigilant to any suspicious activity in their neighbourhoods and call Police Scotland immediately on 101 or alternatively can call the Crimestoppers number anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Any members of our community wishing any additional crime prevention advice can do so by contacting their Community Beat Officer:
PC 5976 Kevin Downs at Selkirk Police Station on 101 or E-mail: kevin.downs@scotland.pnn.police.uk

Draft Minute of Meeting of St Boswells CC of 25th April 2019, Scotland