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St. Boswells Scotland

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Information on the village of St. Boswells in Scotland.

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St. Boswells Parish Community Council Meeting

St. Boswells Parish Community Council
Thursday 30 May 2019 at 7pm in the Lesser Village Hall.
Please note earlier time.
Members of the public welcome

1 Welcome by Chairman

2 Actions to be taken in the event of fire Chairman

3 Apologies

4 Arrangements for Annual Gypsy Fair

5 Approval of the Minutes of the previous Meeting held on 25 April 2019

6 Any Matters arising from that Minute

a Christmas Lights: We need to agree on a price per unit, the quality & quantity, a supplier and where & when we want them delivered Gavin Tweddle
b A68 / Main Street roundabout Councillor Hamilton
c Date for PC Downs' presentation to the community on Security
PC Downs
d Village Garden Competition Alan Marks and Mike Barrie
e Springfield Terrace tree application Charles Strang
f Follow-up email re car boot sale arrangements Allan Drummond
g Skip at rear of Rugby Clubhouse Chairman
h Any other matters arising not subsequently on the Agenda

7 Police Report (previously circulated) Kevin Downs

8 Pines Burn Wind Farm A representative of the developer, Energiekontor, will be present to explain their proposals

9 Treasurer's Report Alan Marks

10 Meeting with SEPA re Burn and Pond Pollution John Pollock

11 Meeting of Community Woodland Sub-Committee

12 Community Councils Network Meeting AGM John Pollock/Charles Strang

13 Area Partnership Meeting

14 Former West Croft Trust: Tree Management Issues

15 Scottish Borders Council Councillors' Report

16 Planning Charles Strang

17 Correspondence Charles Strang

18 Any Other Competent Business

19 Date of Next Meeting Thursday 27 June 2019 from 7.15pm (note start time)

Charles Strang
St Boswells Parish Community Council stbospccsecretary@gmail.com

St. Boswells Parish Community Council Meeting, Scotland