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Information on the village of St. Boswells in Scotland.

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Minutes of Meeting held on 31st January 2019

St Boswells Community Council
Minutes of Meeting, Thursday 31st January 2019
Lesser Village Hall at 7.30pm

1. Gavin Tweddle welcomed everyone to the meeting and advised what to do in event of fire.

2. Attending: Alan Frank, Gavin Tweddle, Annette Patterson, Charles Strang, Mike Barrie, Wilma Burns, Scott Hamilton, Cliff Ellershaw (Chair of Village Hall)

3. Apologies: John Pollock, Sheila Pollock,, Allan Marks, Alan Drummond, Sandy Scott, Jim Brown.

4. Police Report: Charles Strang gave report.. There were 47 calls made to Police during the month of which 5 were incidents of note. (see police report)

5. Matters Arising
• Woodland Committee – Meetings have not taken place of late. Anna Craigen has been ill. We know that before we take on lease some tree work has to be done. Wilma, Annette and Gavin will look at Woodland Trust tree charter but need to find out from Ralph what has been done already. Gavin reported that Primary 4/5 are working with Anna Craigen in the woodland. Query as to present position regarding pollution in stream and pond which SEPA are monitoring.
• Village Spring Clean – date chosen Sunday 24th March
We need to include Woodland and cleaning of signage, benches and picnic tables as part of the event.. Clearing on both sides of hedges in the adjoining fields to collect as much plastic and paper trapped in the hedgerows. Problem areas were identified – the road to sewage farm will need a team to clean it out; concerns were raised about Charlesfield road end – ask Alan Drummond regarding this as to responsibilities with rubbish in hedge, etc. Posters need to be made and put up on Noticeboard and other points within village. A facebook post is also needed. Repeat coverage of last year – the Church Magazine, the Jed Eye, Radio Borders.
• Pathways – The pathway from the Wynd to Hamilton Place has been completed and looks really good. The vennel pathway from Main Street to Braehead Road has still to be done. The driveway into the Woodland has been started and the bottom layer has been laid along the full length. The young volunteers doing their Duke of Edinburgh Award have now moved on from litter picking to pathway maintenance. They have been provided with clothing and tools and are widening paths where necessary and generally tidying up. They have surpassed the quota of hours required for their certificate but will continue on for another couple of weeks. Their help has been much appreciated.
• Street Signs –Update from Neighbourhood Services “With regards the street name plates, the small schemes budget is fully spent for this financial year, however, we will go ahead and arrange estimates to refurbish etc and provided this budget is available next year, we would be ready to commence the approval process. There has been a works ticket issued to replace the Chevron sign and this will take place in due course. The odd signs lying about the village, especially at the war memorial belonged to other contractors being used during road closures etc and therefore needed to be left on site. I am not sure if they are still present but contractors tend to remove when works are finished.”
• Inappropriate parking on the Green- issue resolved.
• Acquisition and Registration of Unclaimed Land –not discussed due to Allan’s absence.
• Community Council Network Meeting –the role of Special Constables was discussed. Charles and Gavin will go to next meeting.
• Area Partnership Meeting – no attendance
• Christmas Lights –It was decided in November that we go ahead and purchase L.E.D. Christmas light in the next few months so they can be changed over summer. We need to agree on a price per unit, the quality and quantity, a supplier and where and when we want them delivered. Need to complete this by end of September 2019.
• A.O.B.- Katie and Daisy’s poster response to encouraging dog walking community to participate in litter picking has not had a response.; Alan F. queried about pond in Woodland – does it have contaminants? Does the growth need to be cleared out/ cut back?; Village website run by Charlie and Elvira Dunoon- contact details are not correct for community council – brought up by a village resident.

6. S.B.C. Councillor’s Report – (a) budget (there will be a cut overall but new monies from Scottish Government means reassessment) (b) paper on Healthy Eating (c) Brexit (City Deal – investment at Tweedbank) (d) regeneration meeting (plans for middle of St Boswells) The Area Partnership meeting in April concerns Plan for Cheviot area and investment needed from council and other brokers. (e) Locality bid closes on 28th February.

7. Correspondence – has been emailed to members, Woodland Trust tree survey has still to be done – Annette, Wilma and Gavin . Charles Denoon regarding out of date details on website; Charles gets emails forwarded by Alan .To be resolved

8. Treasurer’s Report – treasurer not present..Concerns raised about meeting obligations from given paper update.

9. Planning- change of use of old nursery discussed.

10. A.O.C.B –
• Erosion of Banking at Mertoun Bridge. – fears it will be taken down next time river is swollen. Councillor to speak to Susan Gray and Tweed Forum.
• Cleansing schedule for bus shelter – raised by a villager as it is often messy.
• Village hall clock –inside and outside – problems with clock were given and the necessary maintenance and improvement work will cost £682. Possibility of funding from Community Council was queried. Advice was given to make a bid for funding from Localities Fund.
• Mike Barrie intimated details of fundraiser for Tennis, Golf and Cricket clubs to be held in Salmon Room of Buccleuch hotel on Saturday 23rd February where tv screens show the rugby internationals. There is a raffle and food.

Date of Next Meeting Thursday 26th February at 7.30 pm in the Lesser Village Hall, St Boswells.

Minutes of Meeting held on 31st January 2019 , Scotland