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Information on the village of St. Boswells in Scotland.

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Minutes of Meeting of 29th November 2018

St Boswells Parish Community Council
Minutes of Meeting
Thursday 29th November 2018
Lesser Village Hall @ 7.30pm

1. J. Pollock welcomed everyone to the meeting and advised what to do in the event of fire.
2. Attending: J. Pollock, C. Strang, A. Marks, W. Burns, G. Tweddle,
A. Drummond, S. Pollock, A. Frank. Cllr. J. Brown
3. Apologies: M. Barrie, A. Patterson, R. Parker
4. Minutes of last meeting: Proposed A. Marks, Seconded W. Burns
5. Police Report: PC Entwistle reported that interviews are now taking place for his replacement. There were 30 calls made to the Police during the month of which 3 were incidents of note. (see police report)
6. Matters Arising:

a) Remembrance Sunday: A well attended Service was held at the War Memorial. The Community Council made a £100 donation to Poppy Scotland on behalf of the village. A plaque was unveiled displaying information regarding a War Memorial Website which records the personal history of those commemorated on the memorial. Thanks were given to J.D. Smith, E. Drummond and A. Drummond for their work on the project.
Organisation for next year’s ceremony is unclear as the local British Legion is disbanding. Meeting to be held with a representative of R. B. L.

b) Christmas Lights: G. Tweddle reported that multi coloured 5 watt LED lights were £5.60 each. We would need approximately 200 to replace current bulbs costing approx. £1000 on these figures. Decision was made to purchase and replace bulbs in the Spring/Summer 2019.

c) Review of Benches and Picnic Tables: J. Pollock reported that the review that started in 2016 was now complete. The majority of our benches are in good condition after some were replaced while others were painted, repaired or cleaned. Our thanks to the Criminal Justice team for their assistance. Yearly inspections are seen as the preferable option for the future maintenance, perhaps merging with the annual Village Spring Clean.

d) Village Pathways: J. Pollock and A. Frank met with an SBC representative regarding the condition and maintenance of the pathways in the Village. Many of the hedges along the pathways which were a cause for concern have now been cut back by the local farmers and that is much appreciated. Two paths were in very poor condition and it was decided to improve them by cutting back undergrowth and adding additional hardcore on them to improve the surface until future regular maintenance can be agreed and arranged.
Cllr. J. Brown is checking what other Community Councils responsibilities are for their pathway maintenance and what the SBC policy is regarding VAT on contractor’s bills.
Criminal Justice team have now started work improving the roadway into the Community Woodland.

e) Street signs: Two volunteers checked for street signs in poor condition. Eleven were identified as needing some action. Five signs were in very poor condition and they were passed onto SBC for repair or replacement.

f) Cheviot Area Partnership Meeting: To be held on 5.12.18 at Kelso High School. G. Tweddle and A. Frank attending.

g) Community Council Network Meeting: To be held at SBC HQ on 5th Dec. It was agreed that C. Strang will attend on behalf of our C.C. and report back.

h) Any Other Business: Horse box parked on The Green. J Pollock and C Strang to speak to owner regarding its location.
Car Boot sales all 12 dates are now taken for local charities/organisations. Community Councils car boot dates are Sundays 18/4 & 7/7/19.

SBC Councillors Report: a) A68 is finally being resurfaced. b) Localities Bid Funding for £300,000 starting again on 7/1/19. c) There is no update on Border Toyota's planning application for a new garage.

Correspondence: Has already been sent to all Community Council members.

Treasurers Report: A Marks. Balance £4078.15. Income 0.01p, Expenditure £1101.87. Monies carried forward £2976.29 which includes
£250 Green Maintenance Fund.

Planning: There are four local applications two of which are retrospective.

Any Other Business: a) Wm. Taylor has stepped down from the Community Council due to work commitments but will continue to assist when possible. b) Samples have been taken from the Community Woodland pond by SEPA. There appears to be organic pollution affecting the stream and the pond. Enquiries are ongoing and still at an early stage. c) The Polwarth Fountain: Two volunteers are going to tidy up round the monument. d) Keep Scotland Beautiful Initiative: Issuing bags to dog owners to carry out litter picks. We are looking at this proposal with the possibility of advertising this locally.

Date of next meeting 31st January 2019 @ 7.30pm in lesser village hall.

Minutes of Meeting of 29th November 2018, Scotland