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Information on the village of St. Boswells in Scotland.

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Minutes of St Boswells CC of 30th August 2018

St Boswells Community Council
Minutes of Meeting
Thursday 30 August 2018
Lesser Village Hall, St Boswellsbat 7.30pm

Present: John Pollock (in the chair), Alan Frank, Charles Strang, Mike Barrie, Alan Marks (Treasurer), Allan Drummond, Gavin Tweddle (Vice-chair), Sandy Scott (Scottish Borders Council) (SBC).
In attendance: four members of the public
1 What to do in the event of fire
The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting, and drew their attention to the arrangements in case of a fire: there was no fire drill scheduled for that evening.

2 Apologies:
These were received from Annette Paterson, Sheila Pollock, Wilma Burns, William Taylor, Scott Hamilton (SBC Councillor) and Ralph Parker.

3 Minutes of previous meeting on Thursday 28 June 2018
These were proposed as a correct record by Alan Marks, seconded by Alan Frank.

4 Police Report
No police representative was present but a written report had been received, and it was agreed that this should be circulated. In particular some vandalism in the Community Woodland was being checked out. The Chairman had also seen what might have been drug wrappers in the area of the car park.
Email circulation issues and timely responses by Members were touched upon by the Chairman in connection with offers of planings and grants for footpath improvements, which had been accepted.

5 Matters arising:
a Gardens Competition
This had been very successfully completed. The Chairman especially thanked those who had helped with the short listing procedures. Next year it would be useful to set arrangements in place in advance.
b Woodlands Committee
Gavin reported. Annette (Committee Secretary) had been in hospital but on the mend. The Committee was now formed, and there had been an initial meeting. A report was awaited covering proposals for work by the Criminal Justice Team. The Chairman observed that it would be good to initiate progress soon to avoid loss of the Tesco Grant. The Chair had made informal approaches to the Tennis Club which might contribute towards the cost of materials for road works.
c Christmas Lights
After some discussion on the costs and desirability of replacement options, it was agreed to replace all bulbs with LED ones. Allan Drummond agreed to contact bulb suppliers. It was agreed to opt for coloured bulbs, and simply replace failed bulbs on a rolling basis. Samples would be brought to the next meeting.

d Local NHS Provision Update
The Chairman had attended the 60-strong public meeting held the previous day in Melrose as part of the 'Options Appraisal Process'. A list had already been reduced from 8 options to 6. Following group working at the meeting, two preferred options would be going forward for financial feasibility evaluation. In the discussion of this item it seemed clear that there was no likelihood of the reintroduction of medical facilities within St Boswells Parish.

e Area Partnership Meeting in Jedburgh 12 September 2018
The Chairman had been invited to this meeting which was described as a "next step up from Community Councils". He hoped that each Community Councillor would feel able to attend on at least one occasion, and Alan Marks volunteered to go with him on 12/9.
Sandy Scott (SBC) explained that there was a difference between the Area Partnerships and meetings to discuss Localities Bid Funds. He suggested that Susan Smith (SBC Grants Officer) might attend the Area Partnerships Meeting and help to negotiate routes within the ranges of available grant schemes. Sandy Scott agreed to circulate weblinks to the various topics discussed here.

f Community Councils Network Meeting
This had been held on 15 August, and Gavin gave a report of his attendance. Minutes were awaited and would be circulated. Topics discussed included
• Community Empowerment Act
• A presentation by Euan Robson "Parking Czar"
• Timeframes for Localities Fund Bids
• Common Good Funds, Lands, and other resources. Scottish Borders Council were in the process of producing a proper list of these (!).
• Integrated Care Funding (The "seamless" integration of social care and NHS provisions)
• General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR): Community Councils should not require to register.

g Any Matters Outstanding
i A new Secretary was sought: the duties were now "much reduced", and a 'job description' was read out. Charles Strang had indicated in response to the Chairman's email that (while not 'happy') he was prepared to take this on, and this was agreed on the proposal of Mike Barrie, seconded by Gavin Tweddle.
Sandy Scott (SBC) advised that a number of Community Councils have their Minutes produced by Susan Elliot for a modest fee.

6 SBC Councillors' Report:
Sandy Scott, SBC Councillor reported. Since the last meeting there had been holidays, and consequently there was not much to report.
Officials were working on a range of schemes, including
• Scottish Executive (John - this is what my note says but it can't be correct. Might it be the South of Scotland Economic Partnership??)
• Borderlands Deal (grouping of 5 Councils on both sides of the Border)
• (Edinburgh) City Deal
• Localities Bids Fund (see above): for further details 'Shona' could advise.
The Chairman reiterated the CC's thanks for the provision of planings for footpaths free of charge from the Roads Department.
Sandy Scott also reported that
• There had been very few complaints to the Council in 2017/18.
• Significant thanks were due to all those, employees and volunteers alike, who had served their communities unstintingly in the periods of adverse weather.
• Two Hawick councillors ("the M&Ms") have resigned from the independent alliance, and thus the authority’s ruling administration.
• Cllr Jim Brown has raised concerns about a public toilets capital works provision. There would be a report on the (much reduced, only 10% of that anticipated) public toilets revenue stream, but not until 2019. Sandy made the point that this provision was not a statutory one, and in discussion the Community Council's strong view was that it absolutely should be. Perhaps this was something which MSPs ought to be tackling. CC Members found it difficult to understand why this situation had arisen, and many other council areas were also suffering. Alan Frank reported incidents of external urination, and it was agreed that this was completely unacceptable in modern times. This matter would be discussed again at the next CC Meeting.

7 Correspondence: a schedule of correspondence received would be circulated with the Minutes.

8 Treasurer’s Report: there was £4167 in the account. Income had included £470 from the car boot sale, £60 from the Tennis Club, and £100 from the Gipsy Travellers.

9 Planning: there was nothing to report.

10 Any Other Competent Business: There was still a Royal British Legion branch in the Parish. They did however want to fund the provision of a David Ogilvie Engineering metal memorial bench.
With regard to moving the War Memorial enquiries were still taking place on questions of land ownership, so it was agreed to accept the generous offer of the bench at the current war memorial site: the Chairman is to approach SBC sources in seeking further funding help for this bench.
The Chairman has tried to obtain a "driver feedback" sign, and is in correspondence with the Council's staff and Sandy Scott.

A member of the public raised a number of points
• Will the 'new' Community Council take up the question of a bypass?
• The medical services provision within the parish (see above).
• Dog bins were required at the Benrig road end and Thoartergate
• The Capilaw Road sign needs painting, and other signs in the village are 'hard up'. (AD says also Springfield Terrace).
• He wondered how a house could be built in the village neither on the boundary nor 1 metre back from it but only 600mm back from the boundary making maintenance unfeasible.
• The Council had damaged Mr Stewart's fence with grasscutting, and as a result there was a reduction in visibility: this needed attention.

Memorial Wreath: Sandy Scott has one spare and will give to Allan Drummond for use by the CC in November.
Alan Marks (Treasurer) was concerned that the CC had been lucky with its own car boot sales while four others at least had been cancelled due to rain. This income could not be entirely relied upon. There would be a review in October or November.
A member of the public asked whether the CC was signing up to the Resilient Communities Scheme. Allan Drummond agreed to circulate the relevant weblink.
Gavin Tweddle raised the possible provision of a footpath being provided from Jenny Moore's Road to Maxton Road and/or Benrig Road.

11 Date of next meeting: 7.30 pm on Thursday 27 September 2018 in St Boswells Village Hall (Lesser Hall).

23 September 2018

Minutes of St Boswells CC of 30th August 2018, Scotland