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Information on the village of St. Boswells in Scotland.

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St Boswells Community Council Minutes of Meeting on Thursday 28th June 2018

St Boswells’ Community Council
Minutes of Meeting of Thursday 28th June 2018
Lesser Village Hall @7.30pm

J Pollock advised what to do in the event of fire.

Attending: J. Pollock, A. Frank, C. Strang, S. Pollock, A. Patterson, A. Marks, M. Barrie, Cllr. S. Hamilton and one member of the public.
Apologies: W. Taylor, W. Burns, G. Tweddle, A. Drummond, Cll.r S. Scott, Pc. Entwhistle.

Minutes of last meeting: Proposed – A Marks. Seconded – A Patterson.

Police Report: Police report not available at time of meeting.

Matters Arising.
a) War Memorial: No further updates available at time of meeting.
b) Village Redevelopment Update: On 6.6.18. representatives from CC, Councillors and two local business owners met with Colin Banks (Locality Development Officer) to discuss concerns about lack of parking and problems with the bus station. C Banks said there was no low cost solution. CC await the minutes of this meeting with bullet points covering main areas and next steps.
c) Community Woodland/Pathways: Draft lease from Buccleuch Estates, A Patterson to look at options with contacts who may be able to clarify and refine content. Landfill application – Initial request has been put on back burner till October as they have been inundated with applications.
d) Gypsy Fair: Fair dates for this year: Friday 13th July till Thursday 19th July. 2018
J. Pollock & A. Frank to “meet and greet” on Friday 13th.
e) SBCC Car Boot Sale 1st July 2018: Discussion re. entrance to Green and number of volunteers needed to man the event. A Frank shared his plans for parking and said 3-4 people were needed for this. Each volunteer given a time slot. C Strang voiced concerns - Need to refresh guidelines ie. Leaving a space near houses.
f) Garden Competition: “As seen from the road”. To take place last week in July. Milestone Garden and Leisure have again agreed to supply judges.
g) Co-op Ralph Parker to CC. Proposed by S Pollock, and seconded by A Frank. It was agreed R Parker become a co-opted member.
h) Woodland Committee: A Patterson will organise a meeting of the Woodland sub committee. Money raised from last car boot sale plus Tesco grant to be used by committee as start up fund.
i) Christmas Lights: upgrade of lights/bulbs. J Pollock will contact A Drummond and G Tweddle so we can move forward with this.
j) Any Matters Outstanding: A Frank has spoken with Colin Sandilands (SBC) re signs in Orchard park after being contacted by a member of the public who felt there were too many. He affirmed that all signs were necessary. A Frank shared draft letter to SBC re new lighting at bus stop for discussion. A Patterson raised the need for a cycle path along A68 between NSB and ST. Cllr Hamilton said, although no plans at present, this could be looked at in the future.

6. Councillors Report:
Cllr S Hamilton reported: The issue of public toilets had been discussed at full council meeting. Various options were outlined – and it was agreed to explore the viability of handing over maintenance to private enterprise. C Strang voiced disappointment there was no plan to remove charges.
Council have agreed a reduction in seasonal planting – there will be no winter planting this year.
Council have received plan for retirement housing complex (60 homes) for Melrose.
Council to invest £300,000 in Harestanes.

7) Correspondence: A Frank intimated he had no correspondence.

8) Treasurers Report: A Marks.
Balance from 31.5.18 £3090.70
Income: (From car boot sales) £608.00
Monies carried forward £3698.70.
NB. Minus £250.00 Road on the Green Maintenance fund, and £ 1,603 which is ring fenced for Community Woodland projects. Leaving a balance of £1,845.

9) Planning: No planning issues.

10) Any Other Business: Member of the public asked for update re new houses on site of garages at Springfield – ( Eildon Housing.) Cllr Hamilton will look for clarification.

Date of next Meeting: 7.30pm on Thursday 30th August 2018 in Lesser Village Hall, St Boswells.

St Boswells Community Council Minutes of Meeting on Thursday 28th June 2018, Scotland