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Information on the village of St. Boswells in Scotland.

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Minutes of the Meeting of St Boswells Community Council of 25th January 2018

St Boswells Community Council
Minutes of Meeting
Thursday 25 January 2018
Lesser Village Hall
at 7.30pm

J Pollock advised the meeting of what to do in the event of a fire.

Attending: D Oliver, R Parker, A Marks, J Pollock, A Drummond, S Pollock, Councillor S Hamilton, E Reid and 5 members of the public

Apologies: D Black and Councillors J Brown and S Scott

Minutes of Last Meeting: The minute of meeting on 30 November 2017 was approved on the proposal of A Marks seconded by A Drummond.

Police Report: No Police report available to the meeting. Contact with the Police is Jamie.Entwistle@scotland.pnn.police.uk or JedburghDistrictCPT@scotland.pnn.police.uk
An issue regarding two untaxed and uninsured vehicles parked/used in the village is to be referred to the Police as per meeting decision.

Matters Arising
War Memorial D Oliver reported that he and A Drummond met with a Solicitor to obtain advice regarding ownership of the ground. The next action is to contact SBC and proceed to change land registration. Councillor S Hamilton is to obtain name of relevant SBC contact. A Drummond also confirmed that the War Memorial now has a website domain address of www.st-boswells-war-memorial.org.uk
Old Link Road behind Jenny Moores Road A Drummond reported sign has been installed .
Entrance Signs to Village Awaiting confirmation from SBC of funding and action
Benches within the village J Pollock reported that bases have been installed for benches on the green and we await invoice from Community Punishment Team. Refurbishment of 4 other benches will resume in the Summer 2018.
A68/A699 We await work on the splaying of kerbs at Maxton and Selkirk Road ends, the filter lane for Charlesfield and on the route to Jedburgh. Councillor Hamilton reports that AMEY report that they have insufficient funds to proceed and that the Community Council should write to him with details that he can use in future negotiations with AMEY.
Dumping of Garden Waste We await report from Countryside Access Officer regarding signage. R Parker to follow up.
Grass Cutting Contract with GB Landscaping This contract has 12 months to run and the Community Council confirmed continuation of the contract for 2018 at a cost of 830
Dog Fouling A Drummond reported on his contact with J Whitelaw, SBC who advised that it was not SBC Policy to allow individual Community Councils to purchase and/or use stencils and posters. A Drummond has prepared a map of St Boswells highlighting the areas with the highest incidence of dog fouling and will forward this to J Whitelaw.
Notice Boards Repair/repaint/installation have been completed. Keys are held at old Post Office, with Community Council Secretary and at Geo. Olivers, Joiners. Allan Drummond will meet with Village Hall Committee to try and secure permanent use of notice board for Community Council use.
Car Boot Sales A Drummond reported that all dates for 2018 and the sales supervised by the Community Council will be on 27 May and 01 July. We need some storage area in close proximity to the Green for traffic cones and we may only require 10 cones from SBC. It was agreed to review this at the February Community Council meeting.
Christmas Tree Lights Ruthvens have submitted their invoice for annual maintenance and are costing replacement LED bulbs although it might be cheaper to replace the festoons altogether. We will erect a poster in the village to ask if anyone is prepared to form a small action group to consider improvements to our Christmas display and to progress funding/purchase/installation etc.
Appeals for new members on Community Council J Pollock is currently preparing the Chairman's Report (which summarises our activities over the year) for the Community Council AGM and may erect a copy of the report on the notice board to provide information to those people who may wish to stand for the new Community Council. In coordination with A Drummond, this may be sent out to Jed Eye, Southern Reporter and Church Newsletter. Posters will also be erected in the village. It was also felt that we should negotiate with the Church Newsletter organisation to see if we could establish a regular page for our activities and to improve our consultation capacity. It was also suggested that we might contact other organisations in the village to ascertain if they wished to have representation on the Community Council as this would help with integration of activities. (SEE also item Any Other Business recorded below)
Possible Constitutional changes to Community Council members have considered the existing constitution and the option of amalgamation with Maxton and agreed to take no further action on this issue
Community Woodland J Pollock reported on a visit to the woodland today and that some small trees are down, the water inlet to the pond is completely blocked and that in general the water levels are such that much of the off path areas are waterlogged. This will require some work in the Spring. He also reported that his initiative with Tesco has resulted in a 1000 grant for improving the access to the Tennis Courts. A meeting with R Powell, Buccleuch Estates has taken place and R Parker reported that we will look to arrange a meeting with their Land Agent to try and negotiate a lease for the Community Woodland. Discussions proceed with Borders Forest Trust regarding an environmental audit of the woodland and discussions are taking place to arrange a date in February for their project team to spend a day working in the woodland. At this time no further action has been taken to try and generate a public meeting in the village to attract interest in the project.
Any matters outstanding A Drummond reported that the Bright Start Childrens group is a public community scheme and in this context we are able to send a letter of support. A Drummond reported that he will supply the householder on the Green affected by the recent return of some land to Buccleuch Estates with a copy of documentation. A Drummond reported that he could find no confirmation in records that SBC would install a grit bin in Hamilton Place. Given that the location receives no salting of the road (there is no pavement) it was agreed to refer the matter to Councillor S Hamilton for action.

Councillor Report:
Councillor Scott reported that
(a) The Borderlands Deal encompassing Scottish Borders, Northumberland and Dumfries and Galloway amounts to 200million of grant aid to progress joint projects such as transport etc. and
(b) Under the Locality Funding System voting will shortly take place regarding 3 projects. There will be media advertising of projects and explaining voting process. and
(c) Jed Valley Community Council has reformed after new elections following 6 months of abeyance. and
(d) Scottish Government Grant allocation for 2018/2019 is a 1.5% cut from last year. and (e) Councillor Hamilton is meeting with the new management of AD Plant, Charlesfield to discuss such issues as transport noise and road/verge erosion

Correspondence: For December 2017/January 2018
Road Closures various
Neighbourhood watch newsletter and warning re scams various
Treasurers Report
Car Boot Sale Emails and by post - requests for dates/pitches/cancellations agreement forms boot sale information
Minutes of last CC meeting
Bright Starts Out of School Children's Club request to provide support letter
Noticeboard Company (Sales literature)
Garden waste signage - email
War Memorial ground transfer and funding options - emails
Information changes to St Boswells Website - emails
St Boswells Facebook page car boot sale dates
Dog Fouling stencil provision - emails
Localities Bid Fund Frequently Asked questions and location of Ballot Boxes
Village Hall floor work - emails
Defibrillator provision PCS-UK sales literature
Planning Application Springfield Terrace
Planning Application Vets Field Horse Shed
Scottish Community Alliance Newsletter (subscribed) for November, December, January
Community Council Constitution and proposed changes
Cheviot Area Partnership CC membership
BGH A6091 Road Safety work scheduled to begin 05/02/2018
Picnic Benches - emails
Community Woodland tracks/road crossing signage - emails
RBS Bank closures views sought - emails
Christmas Tree Lights repairs and costing for replacements - emails
SBC Programme of planned Revenue and Capital Works
Bin Collection festive Season arrangements
SBCCN meeting on 10/01 agenda
Main Street Drain maintenance - emails
Home Energy Scotland Fuel Poverty workshop on 17/01
WW1 film screening at Heritage Hub Hawick
Community Council Insurance renewal
Abandoned Tyres - emails
Scottish Rural Action New Year/New Website
Scottish Civic Trust My Place Awards deadline 31/01
Request for info about CC from potential member
Abandoned car - email
Hanging branches Springfield Terrace and Playing Fields
Notification of an Extraordinary General Meeting of St Boswells Nursery winding up
Cheviot Area Partnership meets on 07/02 grant allocation and method of spending

Treasurer's Report:
A Marks, Treasurer reported the following;
Balance brought forward from 30 November 2017 - 2185.15
Income received 0.01 (Bank interest)
Expenditure 474.00 (Plants, Stone Bases for Benches, Village Notice Board)
Monies Carried forward at 25 January 2018 - 1711.16
The Road on the Green Maintenance Fund @ 25 January 2018 (based on 10% income) is 250 leaving a balance of 1461.16 normal funds available. All normal working funds are now in the Clydesdale Bank. The Royal Bank account is being kept open for all income and expenditure relating to the War Memorial Project.

Planning: A Drummond reported that that there has been an application to build houses on the former garages area in Springfield Terrace and for the erection of a large animal shed in the Vets Field. Community Council members have been asked to submit views for collation and submission to SBC.

Any other business:
A Drummond reported that arising from lack of interest the St Boswells Neighbourhood Watch is disbanded.
J Pollock reported that there is a fundraising/auction in the Salmon Room , Buccleuch Hotel on 24 February. This event has run for the last 5 years and raised some 20K for local sports organisations.
Wreaths from the War memorial have been blown about because of the recent weather conditions. J Pollock has collected and repositioned/secured.
Extensive discussion about the possible use of Facebook to communicate our activities and/or record the content of Community Council meetings. We also talked about amongst other issues the whole use of local media, direct communication with other Community Councils, local Business input etc. etc.

Date and time of next meeting:
Next meeting will be on Thursday 22 February 2018 @ 7.30pm @ Upper Hall of the Village Hall

Minutes of the Meeting of St Boswells Community Council of 25th January 2018, Scotland