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Information on the village of St. Boswells in Scotland.

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St Boswells Village Hall Management Committee Open Meeting Minutes

St Boswells Village Hall
Management Committee Open Meeting Minutes

Thursday 1st January 2018 at 7.00pm, Lesser Hall

1. Welcome: Present: Cliff Ellershaw (Chair), Kate Warner (Treasurer), Keith Farnish (Secretary), Denise Brebner, Sandra Thomas, Ruth Drane, Lauren Purves, Robin Wild

2. Apologies Bill Muir, Shenagh Ellershaw

It was noted that Bill Muir is currently very ill in hospital.

3. Approval of Minutes & Matters Arising Approved by Kate Warner

Projector screen: This has now been installed by Kevin Holland and has been publicized on Facebook. Kate has suggested a donation of 5 for each use.

Art group display boards: Sandra has asked Tony Burton to speak to Pauline re. storage.

4. Correspondence
- Central Borders Federation, Fountainhall, 14th February.
- Scottish Borders Council Prevent strategy

5. Treasurers Report
Current Account : 2,364.82
No 2 Account : 28,534.53
Petty cash: 1.61

About 700 to come to current account.
306 monthly utility bills
Cliff and Keith have been added to No 2 Account, Kate other signatory.
Some new regulars either promised or likely.

6. Hall Maintenance Update
- Dry rot works
Work starts on 5th February for Phase 2. All hall users have been notified well in advance. Diversions will be put in place for toilets.
Denise and Kate will pursue competitive quotes for renewing the flooring.

- Roof repairs
Robin asked if we should carry out repairs on the valleys. Robin will request a quotation.

- Clock
Euan Watt has completed repairs, and gave his work as a donation. Kate thanked him on behalf of the committee.

7. Hall Constitution
Forms to be approved at a Committee Meeting, and declaration form signed by all. Sandra will email to all. One existing trustee to sign over control: Robin has spoken to the Duke of Sutherland.
We need to appoint, temporarily, 5 trustees to complete the work: Robin to ask Roy Lawrie and Douglas Oliver if they will be co-opted alongside two from the committee.
Andy Drane will then be able to legally witness the arrangement.

8. AOB
Sandra asked re. payment of bills. Kate said always chasing. Has implemented a new form to assume responsibility for damage, to be signed for all casual bookings.

Date of Next Meeting:
Thursday 1st March, 2018, 7.30pm Open Meeting

St Boswells Village Hall Management Committee Open Meeting Minutes, Scotland