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Information on the village of St. Boswells in Scotland.

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Minutes of the Meeting of St Boswells Community Council of 26th October 2017

St Boswells Community Council
Minutes of Meeting
Thursday 26 October 2017
Lesser Village Hall
at 7.30pm

J Pollock advised the meeting of what to do in the event of a fire.

Attending: D Oliver, R Parker, A Marks, J Pollock, A Drummond, Councillor S Hamilton, D Black, S Pollock, E Reid and 3 members of the public

Apologies: M Evans and Councillors J Brown and S Scott

Minutes of Last Meeting: The minute of meeting on 28 September 2017 was approved on the proposal of A Marks seconded by A Drummond. The minute of the private meeting held on 28 September regarding the 2017 Gypsy Fair was approved and A Drummond will forward to D Scott, SBC.

Police Report: There was no Police report. Until a replacement Community Police Officer is appointed any issues that arise can be emailed to JedburghDistrictCPT@scotland.pnn.police.uk

Matters Arising
• Presentation regarding Bright Start School Club – This is a proposal to run an out of hours breakfast and after school club, based at the Rugby Club buildings. It will be a Social Enterprise project and subject to the Care Inspectorate criteria and provide a service for up to 40 Primary School children. Responses from parents, the Primary School Headteacher and other local contacts has been very positive and a springtime 2018 start is proposed.
• War Memorial – A Drummond reported that he still awaits a response from the Church of Scotland regarding transfer of ground lease. D Oliver and A Drummond have met with the Bridge Project for advice regarding funding and there appear to be clear proposals to allow this project to progress. A Drummond also confirmed that the War Memorial now has a website domain address of www.st-boswells-war-memorial.org.uk
• Old Link Road behind Jenny Moores Road –A Drummond reported that we await GB Landscaping to complete their part of the project before the installation of the sign.
• Buccleuch Estates Ground Transfer – A Drummond confirmed that all paperwork has been signed and he awaits written confirmation of completion of the process.
• Entrance Signs to Village – Councillor Hamilton reported that he had visited the locations for the siting of the signs (and also the eroded areas of the Green opposite the tennis court entrance and adjacent to the War memorial on the A699) along with A Finnie, SBC. Proposals and funding applications are being considered at the Locality meeting scheduled for 06 December. Councillor Hamilton will be progressing these issues.
• Benches within the village –J Pollock confirmed that the picnic tables have been delivered and installation of the bases have commenced. Complaints have been received about the spoil from the work sites and J Pollock will raise these with the Criminal Punishment Team.
• A68/A699 – Councillor Hamilton reported that he has had contact with Transport Scotland and AMEY and a dialogue has started and he will report any future developments. It appears that AMEY are
(a) considering the installation of a slip road to replace the traffic island at Buccleuch Hotel junction
(b) considering the installation of a roundabout at the A68/A699 crossroad and
(c) improvements to the A68/Charlesfield junction and better signage.
• Bus Stance, village parking and redevelopment – Councillor Hamilton requested that he also receive copies of the CC report and SBC responses and he will liaise with Councillor Scott on progressing our concerns. The CC then discussed the consequences of the ending of the Traffic Warden Scheme and the reduction in Police personnel contributing to illegal and irresponsible parking and speeding.
• Dog Fouling – CC to consider purchasing our own signage and chalk paint. Councillor Hamilton agreed to relay our concerns (which replicate those of other villages and towns) of the failure of the Dog Warden service to A Finnie, SBC
• Notice Boards – G Oliver, Joiners are in process of undertaking repairs to notice boards.
• Boer War Tree – Tree purchased from Milestone with a donation from a St Boswells villager and installed by SBC.
• Appeal for New Members to CC – The CC currently operates below authorised membership and there are indications that 2 (possibly 3) members may not stand again at May 2018 election. M Evans has tendered her resignation with immediate effect and A Drummond will write to her thanking her for her service. A Drummond confirmed that publicity for the notice boards, Facebook and the Jed Eye and Southern Reporter publications is pending. Existing members agreed to canvass for candidates by personal contact.
• Garden Waste – A proposed letter for issue to village householders was tabled and following discussion will be issued subject to amendment via the Church newsletter scheduled for November/December delivery.
• Car Boot Sales – This matter was considered in private. Following a detailed report from A Drummond the CC decided to give priority to local organisations, charities and organisations who have a long term relationship with the village. 13 dates will be organised with the CC coordinating the events on 13 May and 01 July 2018
• Any matters outstanding – (a) J Pollock will lay wreath at War Memorial on 12 November 2017 (b) Tesco Customer Vote – during November and December customers will be able to allocate tokens to grant St Boswells Community Woodland funding for access projects and (c) We still await proposals from Buccleuch estate regarding a lease for the woodland which would allow us to legitimise our status, progress ideas for development and underpin insurance and funding applications.

Councillor Report:
Councillor Hamilton reported on
(a) arrangements for public voting (library, office or online) for project funding applications to the Locality Forum. Shona Smith is the SBC contact for this process.
(b) the new Administration has commenced its Budget process for 2018/2019 operations and plans
(c) meetings between Councillors and Broadband suppliers to effect better broadband cover in Borders area and
(d) the formation of Jedburgh Community Council under the Chair of former Councillor R Stewart
(e) the visit to the St Boswells area along with A Finnie, SBC to look at local issues regarding signage and roadside erosion
(f) Visit, along with Councillor S Scott, to Police Scotland Call Centre at Bilston Glen to obtain information on process for dealing with 999 calls and access to specialist Police services such as dogs, underwater and weapons officers and
(g) improvements to the SBC pot hole repair service which will improve quality of job but may result in delay to response timing.
CC members raised issues with Councillor Hamilton regarding
(1) information about next years schedule for rubbish and recycling bin pick-ups (supposed to be detailed on a sticker put onto the side of bins) and
(2) the possibility of an amalgamation of the Mertoun/Maxton CC with St Boswells CC.

Correspondence: For October 2017
• Road Closures – various
• Neighbourhood watch newsletter and warning re scams – various
• Treasurers Report
• Car Boot Sale – Emails and by post - requests for dates/pitches/cancellations – agreement forms – boot sale information
• Minutes of last CC meeting
• M Evans – resignation from CC
• Minutes of Cheviot Locality Forum 13 Sept 2017
• Planning Consultation for 2 building plots at Charlesfield
• Bright Starts Out of School Childrens Club – request to present to CC email
• Scottish Community Alliance Newsletter
• Nominate now for ‘Rural Oscars’ 2017 Countryside Alliance
• Consultation – Scottish Borders Community Fire and Rescue Plan 2018
• Alzheimer Scotland – Community Connections Befriending Service
• War Memorial Funding – various emails
• Pedestrian Crossing - email
• Scottish Water Community Event – 26 October
• Data Protection registration – renewal confirmation
• Cheviot Area – Charity reorganisation (Trust Funds) - Consultation
• Fountain and War Memorial – various emails
• Replacement tree (Boer War) – various emails
• Picnic bench base installation – various emails
• SBC Cheviot Area – Planned Revenue and Capital Works 2017/2018
• Creative Play sales material
• Traffic concerns and car boot sale issues - email
• Borders Community Broadband Project – information to CC’s and emails
• Tesco Bags of Help Scheme – application decision
• Pre-Main Issues Report Questionnaire
• Border Buses news bulletin
• Membership of St Boswells CC – posters/adverts for publicity campaign
• Minute of St Boswells Gypsy Fair Coordinating Forum
• Fees for Ballooning from the Green – email
• Garden Waste – emails
• Community Path Training Course at Oatbridge College Broxburn
• Localities Bid Funding – notification and posters
• Community Council Research Regional Workshops (Edinburgh) 23 Nov 2017
• Scottish Water – Listening to our Customers – Event at Peebles Hydro
• Road Expo (Scotland) – Notice of exhibition
• Mud on Pathways - email

Treasurers Report: A Marks, Treasurer reported the following;
• Balance brought forward from 28 September 2017 - £1653.43
• Income received – £157.70 (Green usage and donation for tree planted at A68/A699)
• Expenditure – £125.00 (Tree purchase and Hire of St Boswells Village Hall)
• Monies Carried forward at 28 September 2017 - £1686.13
• The Road on the Green Maintenance Fund @ 26 October 2017(based on 10% income) is £250 leaving a balance of £1436.13 normal funds available. All normal working funds are now in the Clydesdale Bank. The Royal Bank account is being kept open for all income and expenditure relating to the War Memorial Project.

Planning: There is an application for the erection of 2 houses in the Charlesfield area and the CC agreed not to submit any observations.

Any other business:
• J Pollock will write to A Finnie, SBC to seek clarification as to who has responsibility for looking after the well located at the entry to Jean Lawrie Court
• D Black reported that the College at Newtown St Boswells has appointed a Placement Officer and they may be accessed to consider student placements in St Boswells to support projects and voluntary effort.

Date and time of next meeting:
Next meeting will be on Thursday 30 November 2017 @ 7.30pm @ Lesser Hall of the Village Hall

Minutes of the Meeting of St Boswells Community Council of 26th October 2017, Scotland