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Information on the village of St. Boswells in Scotland.

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Minutes of the meeting of St Boswells Community Council held on 29th June 2017

St Boswells Community Council
Minutes of Meeting
Thursday 29 June 2017 in Lesser Village Hall at 7.30pm

J Pollock advised the meeting of what to do in the event of a fire.

Attending: D Oliver, R Parker, A Marks, J Pollock, A Drummond, S Pollock, Councillor Scott, PC J Dawson and 3 members of the public

Apologies: E Reid, M Evans, D Black and Councillors Hamilton and Brown

Minutes of Last Meeting: The minute of meeting on 25 May 2017 was approved on the proposal of A Drummond seconded by D Oliver.

Police Report: A report was presented by PC J Dawson. It was reported that the Police have recorded 33 incidents – the most significant of which were
(a) a drone flight in the Weirgate Way area being investigated for contravening Airflight Regulations
(b) a road user being charged with licence and insurance offences
(c) a house fire in Thoartergate
(d) a fraud of £500 following a telephone con
(e) 2 reports of youth anti-social behaviour and
(f) malicious damage to the basketball hoop in the school playground.

Planning application by Borders Garages - At the Chairs request this matter was brought forward in the meeting to allow a presentation form a member of the public. Information, maps, reference to the SBC Local Development Plan and correspondence from independent professionals was presented to the CC relating to the initial notification of a Planning Application by Borders Garages to build a new complex on the field adjacent to the Toyota Garage. It is proposed that the new complex will allow for the relocation of Lawries Garage and increased facilities for Toyota. The meeting noted the information. Borders Garages will require to organise a public meeting and at the time of writing this is scheduled for 12 September 2017 to be held in the Public Hall.

Matters Arising
• War Memorial – A Drummond reported on correspondence with The Church of Scotland and has a named contact. Scottish Borders Council has forwarded grant application papers detailing specifications and conditions. D Oliver, A Drummond and R Parker will meet to prepare the application. A Drummond also confirmed that the War Memorial now has a website domain address of www.st-boswells-war-memorial.org.uk
• Old Link Road behind Jenny Moores Road – A Drummond provided details of costings for the manufacture and installation of sign(s) advising that the Old Link Road is not suitable for vehicular access. There was a debate about the wording and colouring of the sign(s) and the location of their installation.
• Entrance Signs to Village – No further information available about progress
• Benches within the village – The 2 memorial benches have been ordered and paid for. The Community Punishment team of the Criminal Justice team has undergone a restructuring and J Pollock is awaiting details to arrange for our work to progress. A question arose as to when the bench normally located at Benrig Road End would be returned.
• A68 Urgent Repairs – Councillor Scott reported that at present Amey were experiencing issues with resources and time scales of projects. It is understood that all planned projects are scheduled to be completed in 2017.
• Bus Stance, village parking and redevelopment– A Drummond reported the contents of a letter from the Borders Bus Group Health and Safety Officer regarding the Bus Station and the traffic island at the A68 junction.
• Dog Fouling – the CC are still awaiting contact from the Dog Warden service regarding additional signage and painted transfers. Anyone can refer to the Dog Warden Service by telephoning 0300 100 1800
• Garden Waste on Braehead Path – R Parker had previously contacted the ‘dumbdumpers’ service for posters and leaflets. No response had yet been received. A further contact will be made.
• School Planning Application for extension and solar panels – it appears that all responses (including that of the CC) to this planning application are not available on the SBC website. D Oliver has also taken photographs of the area of Springfield Terrace affected by traffic/parking during the dropping off and collection of children. Councillor Scott agreed that these concerns should be referred to SBC and Police.

• Any Matters Outstanding –
(a) A Drummond reminded the meeting that the CC was holding a Car Boot Sale on 02 July and required volunteers to monitor
(b) A Drummond reported that he has now received communication from the owner of the field to the rear of Orchard Park to confirm that the owner of the horses has installed rat traps and will ensure that the area is kept tidy of feedstuffs and bedding
(c) A Drummond reported that Milestone has confirmed their continuing sponsorship of the Village Garden competition and have agreed to judge the event on either 17 or 24 July. We need to agree date and promotional poster and J Pollock will coordinate a pre-judging walk round village to confirm areas to be judged (d) The CC would like to understand the SBC criteria for designating public toilets as either free or charging 30p. St Boswells has not been converted yet. Councillor Scott said the new administration of SBC was reviewing the decision regarding charges for public toilets in an attempt to understand the decision process
(e) J Pollock reported on correspondence from SBC regarding a review of all street lighting, the resolution of problems in some areas of glare and in others of under lighting and the move to install LED bulbs (to reduce light pollution and effect cost savings).

Councillor Report:
Councillor Scott reported on
(a) an application by SBC for £500000 from the Scottish Government for locality projects would result in £80000 for the Cheviot Area and the CC might apply for some of that funding
(b) Jedburgh has seen the commencement of work as part of the town centre conservation
(c) that the CC should be aware of the planning applications for St Boswells Primary school, Borders garages and the proposed education campus in Jedburgh
(d) the completion of St Boswells civic week.

Correspondence: For June 2017
• Road Closures – various
• Neighbourhood watch newsletter and warning re scams – various
• Treasurers Report
• Car Boot Sale – Emails and by post - requests for dates/pitches/cancellations – agreement forms
• Scottish Community Alliance Newsletter – March edition
• Minutes from last meeting and AGM
• NHS Borders – Gathering views on Realistic Medicine
• Proludic Urbanix – sales material
• War memorial relocation - email
• Church of Scotland – various emails regarding West Croft trust land
• Greenfield House planning application and various emails
• SBCCN – Minutes of meeting
• Participant Recruitment focus group
• Orchard Park horse field - email
• CardiacSafe – national campaign to install public defibrillators
• Planting a Legacy Tree - email
• The Green ground transfer to Buccleuch Estates - email
• Community Choices Fund 2017/2018 open for applications
• Cheviot Locality Committee agenda for 21 June meeting
• Community Council Grant from SBC - £630 – email
• Borders National Park campaign for Borders Rail development
• Borders Garages/ Lawries garage relocation – notification of planning application – email and paperwork
• Manufacture and pricing of signage for Old Link road – email
• FutureScot Poverty Conference – Digital Society 2017 Glasgow
• Forthcoming education events from Holyrood
• SESplan – proposed Strategic Development Plan
• Getting Transitions Right – new course
• Border Buses Health and Safety Officer report on bus station and traffic island
• Community Paths Grants – applications for funding open
• Pathways Maintenance Grant letter and application form
• Fly the Red Ensign for Merchant Navy day – 3 September 2017

Treasurers Report: A Marks, Treasurer reported the following;
• Balance brought forward from 25 May 2017 - £1421.04
• Income received – £50 (Green usage)
• Expenditure – £20 (Hire of St Boswells Village Hall)
• Monies Carried forward at 29 June 2017 - £1451.04
• The Road on the Green Maintenance Fund @ 27 June 2017(based on 10% income) is £250 leaving a balance of £1201.04 normal funds available. All normal working funds are now in the Clydesdale Bank. The Royal Bank account is being kept open for all income and expenditure relating to the War Memorial Project.

Planning: See agenda items above

Any other business:
• D Oliver reported that he had spoken with R Morrison, Gypsy representative about date of access to Green for Gypsy Fair and the need for a meeting this year to discuss access dates in 2018. A Drummond will arrange for receipt tickets for pitch rentals.
• Benrig Road End – SBC has not yet cut grass and previously damaged fence has not been repaired – A Drummond agreed to write to A Finnie, SBC
• Tapestry of Scotland – following questions Councillor Scott advised that it was not the intention of the new SBC Administration to revisit the decision to locate the Tapestry in Galashiels
• Road sit line to the south when exiting the Selkirk Road junction – it was reported that hedging restricted a safe site line. Situation requires to be reported to SBC for action
• Discussion about requests from Car Boot sale organisers regarding the erection of larger promotional signs and the use of temporary toilets. The CC meeting agreed that sales on the Green would be encouraged but that they would remain low key affairs and rejected the requests from car boot sale organisers.
• The planters at Springfield Terrace access had been painted and planted out. The CC approved the expenditure of £30
• Community Woodland – it was agreed to agenda this for next meeting to consider implications of being named on the lease with Buccleuch Estates and to look at future plans to encourage wider public consultation and voluntary work

Date and time of next meeting:
Next meeting will be on Thursday 31 August 2017 @ 7.30pm @ Lesser Hall of the Village Hall

Minutes of the meeting of St Boswells Community Council held on 29th June 2017, Scotland