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Information on the village of St. Boswells in Scotland.

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Minutes of the Meeting of St Boswells Community Council held on 30th March 2017

St Boswells Community Council
Minutes of Meeting
30 March 2017
Lesser Village Hall
at 7.30pm

J Pollock advised the meeting of what to do in the event of a fire.

Attending: D Oliver, R Parker, A Marks, J Pollock, A Drummond, S Pollock, E Reid, D Black, Councillors Stewart and Brown, PC Dawson and 2 members of the public

Apologies: M Evans and Councillor Scott

Minutes of Last Meeting: With the amendment to delete A Drummond from action in relation to item Any Other Business relating to Orchard Park the minute of meeting on 23 February 2017 was approved on the proposal of A Drummond seconded by S Pollock.

Police Report: PC J Dawson reported that the Police have recorded 25 incidents for the area, most of which were road traffic related and minor in nature. There have been no rural theft and 1 report of youth anti-social behaviour relating to youths causing a disturbance in Buccleuch Gardens and at the rear of the Primary School. One crime has been recorded in relation to paintwork damage to a car parked in Birley Court. There have been some foot patrols in St Boswells to check on illegal parking issues. The Police are alerting that there has been a major incident of sheep worrying in the Newtown area.

Matters Arising
• War Memorial – D Oliver reported that he is awaiting final costing of works. A representative of the local Church has advised that they do not own the West Croft Trust Land. A Drummond will write to Church of Scotland HQ. A Drummond also confirmed that the War Memorial now has a website domain address of www.st-boswells-war-memorial.org.uk
• Buccleuch Estates Land Transfer - A Drummond advised that Buccleuch Estates will be issuing paperwork for CC ratification of return of certain land by end of March.
• Village Spring Clean – 16 people attended and cleared 24+ bags of rubbish. The volunteers and SBC staff provided an excellent service.
• Benrig Cemetery Parking – A Drummond reported that he had spoken to local farmer/landowner who would not agree to cutting back of hedge. He is happy for hardcore to be placed along and up to hedge base (approx. 2.5 feet) with no specification for length to be covered. A Finnie, SBC to be approached to seek conclusion to this project.
• Old Link Road behind Jenny Moores Road – Response from A Scott, Head of SBC Roads Department recording that he has no objections to closing the link road subject to third party (land owner) approval and the availability of sufficient funds to allow SBC to budget the action. Councillor Stewart requested copies of all correspondence to date as he will contact SBC Officers to further represent our wishes and the H&S implications of no action. The CC continues to support the affected residents wishes in this matter. J Pollock will speak to J Lamont MSP
• Community Council Notice Board – D Oliver confirmed that repairs are in hand.
• Orchard Park – sighting of vermin around the horse box. Written and verbal complaints received by the CC. R Parker reported that he had obtained advice from SBC Environmental Health. They reported that the access ground/path to the field belonged to Scottish Borders Housing Association and had referred our concerns to them. The meeting approved a letter to be sent direct to SBHA
• Entrance Signs to Village – A Finnie, SBC, has written confirming our colour choice for signs. He is currently costing the new signage and will refer to SBC Roads and AMEY for approval, particularly the location of the sign on the entry to the village on the north bound carriageway.
• Benches within the village – J Pollock reported that he had completed the review of all benches in the village and provided a map showing the location of 18 units. He has met with S Young, SBC Neighbourhood Officer to try and identify benches installed by SBC, and has also met with B Neil, Criminal Justice Community Payback Order Scheme. The majority of benches need cleaned/repaired/repainted. 3 benches are beyond repair and in conjunction with SBC approved bench suppliers and the local people wishing to erect new benches these will be replaced.
• Grass Cutting Contract – A Drummond confirmed that he has contacted GB Landscaping and they will delete Clapperton Path from their contract effecting an annual saving of £60.
• Floral Gateway Competition – In the light of little local interest the CC approved that St Boswells would not enter the competition.
• A68 Urgent Repairs – Significant resurfacing is pending at the Melrose Bypass on surfaces that are in better condition than the A68 (e.g. St Boswells to Jedburgh and Charlesfield Road end). Councillors Brown and Stewart reported on the ongoing, albeit unsatisfactory, discussions with AMEY and Transport Scotland. The traffic island at Buccleuch Hotel junction is still on the agenda.
• Bus Stance, village parking and redevelopment– A Drummond has reviewed previous CC correspondence and finds that a review of the Bus Station and surrounding area transport issues was scheduled to be done by SBC in 2009 but appears not to have been completed. D Oliver confirmed that he has met with M Douglas, SBC who will produce the original Bus Station development plans which were not completed arising from budget constraints, and he has scheduled a meeting with the School Head. R Parker reported that there has been consultation with K McGrath, SBC School Travel Coordinator and R Cramb, Assistant Engineer Road safety and Traffic Management and through them Police Scotland have been asked to contribute to a joint report covering safer routes to school and passenger transport concerns.
• Community Woodland – An email newsletter prepared by S Pollock covering activities had been previously circulated to CC members and all volunteers who had worked on the project and a copy placed on the notice board. Developments since then included a meeting with a local person who was prepared to assist in the applications for grants, the wire netting of the bridges and boardwalks had been completed by the Criminal Justice Payback Order Scheme, and there has been a site meeting with R Powell and the Head Forester from Buccleuch Estates to discuss such issues as selective felling of Sitka spruce, land ownership and boundaries, advice on tree planting and coppicing, access etc.
• Moles on the Green – This matter is still in progress.
• Dog Fouling – Councillor Stewart had referred our concerns to the Dog Warden Service and they will be calling into this area to monitor and will use the spray painting stencils having identified locations from the calls to their hotline. Extra signage for the village will also be erected. Anyone can refer to the Dog Warden Service by telephoning 0300 100 1800
• Any Matters Outstanding – (a) the meeting approved expenditure to setting up the domain address for the War Memorial, approved the costs of JD Smith for historical work in relation to the War Memorial and approved expenditure to J&J Tait for work to the lamp on the Village Hall. (b) The meeting wished to record its appreciation of the voluntary work undertaken by John Martin in producing the artwork for the village logo and signage. (c) A Drummond referred to correspondence in relation to repair of roadside banking affected by the recent vehicle accidents on the A699. (d) Colin Ruthven to be approached to estimate the replacement of Christmas lights with white LED lamps – A Drummond and A Marks to consult with Village Committee to resolve (e) it was reported that since the Village Spring clean more litter had been left on road verges (f) Old street lamp on side of building by the vennel leading up to the Golf Course – J Pollock to discuss with SBC who are conducting a review of Street Lighting in this area during May and, following advice from E Reid, to discuss with householder.

Councillor Report:
Councillors Stewart and Brown reported that SBC Councillor Meetings finished today pending the Local Elections. Our concerns about local benches were seen as an important issue and our Spring Clean efforts had been reported to other CC’s. Our reports to SBC regarding potholes in the Springfield Terrace would be acted on but there will be future funding restrictions for such repairs.

Correspondence: For February 2017
• Road Closures – various
• Neighbourhood watch newsletter and warning re scams – various
• Treasurers Report
• Car Boot Sale – Emails and by post - requests for dates/pitches/cancellations – agreement forms
• Scottish Community Alliance Newsletter – March edition
• Minutes from last meeting
• News from John Lamont MSP
• Police Report
• Community Woodland/pond/road -various emails
• Village Spring Clean – various emails
• Cheviot Area Forum – meeting of 29/03 cancelled. New date fixed for 21/06
• T Wallace AMEY email confirming receipt of letter and response to follow
• Napier Uni – Information Literacy Research Project – survey completed
• Consultation on unconventional oil and gas
• RBS Skills and Opportunities Fund
• Messagemaker (electronic info signs) – sales literature
• Bench, Notice Boards, Road Signs, Village logo, Coronation Lamps – various emails
• Village generation – email about traffic issues
• Community Planning Partnerships – invitation to events
• Tesco Bags for Help Application – various emails
• Parking at Village Hall – various emails
• Braehead House – planning application email
• Scottish Community Council Twitter Hour 07/03
• A699 Roadside Repair – email
• Reply regarding signage for old link road
• Scottish Ambulance Service Day of Action – Registration to Resuscitation Campaign
• Community Empowerment Act event at Hawick on 13/03 and at Jedburgh on 18/04
• NHS Golden Jubilee Foundation – Equality Outcomes Survey and Feedback request
• Border Union Agriculture Society Bicentenary Bursary Fund
• Village hall Open Meeting Agenda
• Business Improvement District Scotland Annual Gathering – Perth 28/03
• Preparation for St Boswell Fair 18/07 premeeting scheduled for May CC Meeting
• SBHA – Community Update – April 2017

Treasurer's Report:
A Marks, Treasurer reported the following;
• Balance brought forward from 23 February 2017 - £2287.63
• Income received – £440.03 (SBC Maintenance Grant and RBS Interest)
• Expenditure – £1514.71 (GB Landscaping, Secretaries Expenses, Hire of St Boswells Public Hall, G Oliver and Sons for repair of notice board/bench, Chairmans Expenses, JD Smith for War Memorial work, Go Daddy for War Memorial website and JD Tait Ltd for work to Village Hall lamps)
• Monies Carried forward at 30 March 2017 - £1212.95
• The Road on the Green Maintenance Fund (based on 10% income) is £220.50 leaving a balance of £992.45 normal funds available. All normal working funds are now in the Clydesdale Bank. The Royal Bank account is being kept open for all income and expenditure relating to the War Memorial Project.

• No further information about the Chip Shop window – Councillor Stewart to approach Councillor Scott to follow up enforcement issues
• Braehead House – new planning application
Any other business:
• Gypsy Fair pre-meeting with Police, SBC and CC scheduled for 7.00pm prior to CC meeting in May.
• Roadside Drains need cleared of tarmac following resurfacing of St Boswells Main Street. Councillor Stewart will raise with SBC Neighbourhood Services.
• Complaint regarding the felling/pruning of a tree on the Vennel pathway by a resident and the dumping of garden waste adjacent to the route – advice to be obtained from SBC and agendaed for next meeting
• Footpath along the Avenue is covered in leaves etc. – Councillor Stewart will report to SBC Neighbourhood Services

Date and time of next meeting:
AGM and next meeting will be on Thursday 27 April 2017 @ 7.30pm @ Lesser Hall of the Village Hall

Minutes of the Meeting of St Boswells Community Council held on 30th March 2017, Scotland