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St. Boswells Scotland

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Information on the village of St. Boswells in Scotland.

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St. Boswells Community Woodland

St. Boswells Community Woodland
12 April 2017 Update

Following a review of the Community Woodland last July the Community Council formed a sub-committee led by Ralph Parker to look at rejuvenating and improving access into and through the Community Woodland. Since then volunteers have been busy.
• Paths strimmed and cleared to improve access.
• Pond cleared of weed – this will need to be a regular task.
• A start has been made on re-establishing drainage ditches – this is a huge task which will be ongoing over the spring and summer.
• Following consent from Buccleuch Estates, who own the woodland, most of the fallen trees have been removed. Removing low lying branches (brashing) has opened up the sightlines, widened pathways and generally raised the canopy allowing more sunlight and air to pass through to ground level. The branches have been collected into piles, some to be left as habitat for small creatures, the rest to be chipped to lay on paths.
• Tree identification signs were cleaned and replaced where necessary.
• Steps throughout the site have been built up with chippings.
• “Fly –tipping” - Large quantities of rubble, industrial and general waste etc. have been collected and removed.
• Tennis Club car park - edges have been delineated back to original size.
• Planings from the resurfacing work in the village were put to good use by Community Council and Tennis club volunteers to fill in the pot holes on the drive down to the courts.
• Meeting with Annette Patterson who has offered to assist with grant applications
• Meeting with R Powell (Ranger) and D Nicolson (Forester) from Buccleuch Estate on site. They will look to provide detailed mapping showing ownership and boundaries, approval to selective felling of Sitka spruce, advice about tree planting, the erection of a notice board and advice about access.
• Meeting with Anna Craigen of Borders Forest Trust seeking advice, discussing assistance from their project/action team and to set a date for an educational “Bio Blitz” event.
• Meeting with J Marshal and Mike of RSPB to obtain advice about trees and planting to attract birds, selective felling to provide flight paths to pond, participation in a “Bio Blitz”etc.
• Criminal Justice Community Payback Scheme has wire netted all bridges and walkways to help prevent slipping. They may be able to undertake other project work.
Actions pending.
• Continue process of applying for funding from various sources to enable us to finance further projects.
• Maintain close links with R Powell and D Nicolson of Buccleuch Estates for consent to any action we might want to take and to obtain professional advice
• Continue to seek advice and support from RSPB, SBC Countryside Access Service and the Borders Forest Trust.
• Meeting to be arranged to include all interested agencies and volunteers with the aim of forming a Community Woodland/Local Path warden scheme.

Many thanks to everyone who has contributed to date, however we always need more help, if interested please contact either: Ralph Parker (01835 822528) or John Pollock (01835 823877)

St. Boswells Community Woodland , Scotland