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Information on the village of St. Boswells in Scotland.

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Minutes of the Meeting of St Boswells Community Council held on 23rd February

St Boswells Community Council
Minutes of Meeting
23 February 2017
Lesser Village Hall
at 7.30pm

J Pollock advised the meeting of what to do in the event of a fire.

Attending: M Evans, D Oliver, R Parker, A Marks, J Pollock, A Drummond, S Pollock, E Reid, D Black, Councillors Stewart and Scott and 2 members of the public

Apologies: Councillor Brown and PC J Dawson

Minutes of Last Meeting: On the proposal of A Drummond seconded by M Evans the minute of meeting held on 19 January 2017 was approved.

Police Report: Written report by PC J Dawson recorded that there have been no road checks and 1 speeding offence detected. There have been no rural theft and no reports of youth anti-social behaviour. There have been 5 incidents involving vehicle collisions

Matters Arising
• War Memorial – D Oliver reported that he is awaiting final costing of works and Councillors gave advice on funding sources. Councillor Stewart also reported that issues of ownership and public liability around the Community Council adopting the West Croft land are currently being considered by SBC Legal Department, in what is quite a unique set of circumstances. The West Croft Trust last met in 1978 and it appears that the land is held by the Church of Scotland who have apparently indicated previously that they would be prepared to give it to the Community Council. Councillor Stewart and A Drummond are progressing this matter.
• Buccleuch Estates Land Transfer - A Drummond advised that Buccleuch Estates will be issuing paperwork for CC ratification of return of certain land by end of March 2017.
• Benrig Cemetery Parking – A Drummond apologised that he not yet arranged a meeting with the local farmer to agree arrangements for lay-by
• Old Link Road behind Jenny Moores Road – A Drummond has offered a suggestion to SBC regarding the installation of signage until such times as funds become available to close the road off. Councillor Stewart requested copies of all correspondence/photographs to date as he will contact SBC Officers to further represent our wishes and the H&S implications of no action. The CC continues to support the affected residents wishes in this matter
• Buccleuch Chase Roadway – SBC has completed this project.
• Community Council Notice Board – Estimates for repairs received and approved by meeting.
• Entrance Signs to Village – J Pollock and A Drummond had previously circulated documents, logo and signage colouring. These were approved by meeting. Mr Finnie is currently costing the new signage and will refer to SBC Roads and AMEY for approval.
• Benches within the village – J Pollock reported on the 2 benches in Jenny Moores road and provided costings for repair which were approved by the meeting. He will continue an audit of all other existing benches and will also talk to the 2 residents who have offered to purchase memorial benches to ascertain their wishes.
• Bus Stance, village parking and redevelopment– A Drummond, D Oliver and R Parker presented a brief written report covering traffic issues, possible solutions and a programme of information gathering and local consultation. On the suggestion of E Reid and M Evans the speed limits of the Selkirk and Kelso routes approaching the A68 junction needed to be addressed also. The meeting approved this initial report and the proposed action.
• Grass Cutting contract and funding by SBC limitations – A Drummond presented a detailed report on costs and levels of SBC funding since 2006. The current work specifications were detailed and it was confirmed that SBC will undertake the work on the Clapperton Path route. Following a report from A Marks, Treasurer the meeting agreed to maintain the current work specification excepting Clapperton Path and meet any shortfall of SBC grant from Car Boot sales and Gypsy Fair income.
• Community Woodland – R Parker presented a brief verbal report covering action to date referring to pending meetings with the Head Forester from Buccleuch Estates and the coordinator for Border Forest Trust, applications for funding e.g. Tesco (J Pollock) and the tremendous work done by a local tree surgeon and volunteers to clear fallen and dangerous wood, clear rubbish and re-establish drainage ditches. Following discussions with the subcontractors involved in the road work in the Village, J Pollock obtained 20 tons of planings which are now located near the tennis courts. Arrangements will be confirmed for volunteers to assist in spreading the planings on the access road and woodland paths. Councillor Stewart offered to lend equipment to facilitate this process.
• Moles on the Green – Initial action by SBC has not resolved this concern. A Finnie, SBC continues to monitor and J Pollock recently visited the site .
• Dog Fouling – verbal reports were received regarding dog fouling on Jenny Moores Road, the paths adjacent to the rugby field and the Springfield Terrace/Buccleuch Gardens areas. The meeting heard about the work of various individuals who cleared up the dog mess, put up laminated signage, offered dog users plastic bags and highlighted dog mess with washable paint. The 2 Dog Wardens in the SBC area are overwhelmed with referrals and unable to provide anything other than occasional service. Councillor Stewart agreed to refer our concerns to the Dog Warden Service and to ascertain the availability of spray paint and stencils for use by CC members. A Drummond agreed to look at the possibility of reporting incidents/people on St Boswells Face Book and noted that anyone can refer to the Dog Warden Service by telephoning 0300 100 1800
• Village Hall Lamps – J Pollock reported that SBC, as part of a rolling programme of improvements, will be looking to upgrade to LED lighting throughout the Village and this will include the Village Hall Lamps. Once this process is completed we can look at renovation and repainting of the Lamps.
• Christmas Lights and tree – a general discussion was held referring to the replacement of our Christmas lights to LED bulbs and extending the range of the lighting further up the main street and along The Avenue. The installation of a Christmas Tree was also thought to be a desirable addition to the Village during the festive period. The Chair of the Village Week Committee reported that they held quite significant funds and felt that they could contribute to this. It was agreed to refer this issue to a future meeting for consideration.
• Village Hall Parking Spaces – following discussion between J Pollock, local shopkeepers, Village Hall Committee and G Haldane SBC, it is recommended that bollards are installed at the two car park spaces adjacent to the telephone kiosk as a safety feature to allow pedestrians safe access between Jenny Moores Road and Main Street. A site meeting with SBC will be arranged before action is taken.

Councillor Report:
Councillor Scott reported
(a) SBC increase of funding to roads and bridges and the Main Street road works
(b) SBC budget having been approved with increases to fees and charges and business rates
(c) SBC Review of School property continuing until June and
(d) email from a local resident requesting that St Boswells be barred to through journey trucks.
Councillor Stewart reported on
(a) the misinformation being propagated by AMEY and the break-down in communication and authority between Transport Scotland and AMEY – an update to the situation will be sent to the CC by Councillor Stewart
(b) Nominations open for SBC Learning Disability Awards
(c) Scottish Commission on Parliamentary Reform meets at Waverley Chambers Galashiels on 27 February 2017
(d) Scottish Government Report on benefits of community payback orders issued by Courts in Borders
(e) Information Sessions about standing for election as an SBC Councillor
(f) Business Gateway promotional workshops and
(g) Information about the opening of the Leader Valley School at Earlston for children with learning needs.

Correspondence: For February 2017
• Road Closures – various
• Reece Gritbins – sales literature
• Neighbourhood watch newsletter and warning re scams – various
• Treasurers Report
• Car Boot Sale – Emails and by post - requests for dates/pitches/cancellations – agreement forms
• Scottish Community Alliance Newsletter – February edition
• Minutes from last meeting
• News from John Lamont MSP
• Police Report
• Community Woodland/pond -various emails
• Bench, Notice Boards, Road Signs, Village logo, Coronation Lamps – various emails
• Village generation – various emails
• War Memorial – various emails
• Cheviot Area Forum – agenda for meeting on 01/02/2017 – A Drummond apologies sent
• Main Street road works – various emails
• PCS-UK – Community defibrillators (sales literature)
• Scottish Borders Community Council – insurance issues – renewal of registration to Zurich Insurance policies for CC’s carrying out resilience activities completed
• Back Lane Access - email
• Clapperton Path - email
• Scottish Health Council Focus group – NHS Performs
• CC Events – consultation on the future of Scottish Planning System
• Tree Charter Survey from NALC
• Aspiring Communities Fund
• Media, Communication and Organisational Development courses in Edinburgh
• Community Council website newsletter and feedback survey
• Community Empowerment Act – Tweeddale date (Cheviot date yet to be confirmed)
• Scottish Borders Community Planning Partnership – feedback request
• community and Parish magazine printing (Sales Literature)
• Borders Broadband Project

Treasurers Report:
A Marks, Treasurer reported the following;
• Balance brought forward from 19 January 2017 - £2397.59
• Income received – £0.04 (RBS Interest)
• Expenditure – £110 (Tony Grieve for Xmas Light electricity, Hire of Village Hall and Cricket Club room))
• Monies Carried forward at 23 February 2017 - £2287.63
• The Road on the Green Maintenance Fund (based on 10% income) is £220.50 leaving a balance of £2067.13 normal funds available. All normal working funds are now in the Clydesdale Bank. The Royal Bank account is being kept open for all income and expenditure relating to the War Memorial Project.

• No further information about the Chip Shop window – Councillor Stewart to follow up
• Mary Cottage – new planning application
Any other business:
• Gypsy Fair in accordance with previous written agreement – 18 July falls on Tuesday meaning that date of arrival on Green is Friday 14 July and date of departure is Wednesday 19 July. Poster to be placed in CC Notice Board
• Hedges near rugby House and on route to Newtown are overgrown – Councillor Stewart to refer to SBC for action
• Village Week – verbal report from Chair of Village Week Committee – with some aspects of the week yet to be confirmed it has been decided to curtail the event to run from Thursday to Sunday and it is proposed to erect a marquee at the A68 end of the Croft
• Installation of rubbish bin at layby at Sewerage Works – this issue has previously been raised with SBC when we were informed that the site is beyond the Village 30mph limit and removal of rubbish could not be arranged.
• Village Spring Clean – agreed for Sunday 26 March from 10.00am to midday – S Pollock to coordinate advertising and posters and R Parker to coordinate rota, hi-vis jackets, black bags, additional pickers and SBC pick up of collected rubbish
• A699 Vehicle incidents – matter to be considered by Sub Group dealing with Bus stance, parking and other traffic issues (see item above)
• Orchard Park – reports received of rats seen at the location of horse box/straw/feed stuffs adjacent to field – advice received from Councillor Stewart regarding referral to Environmental Health and action to be taken by J Pollock, R Parker and A Drummond

Date and time of next meeting:
Next meeting will be on Thursday 30 March 2017 @ 7.30pm @ Lesser Hall of the Village Hall

Minutes of the Meeting of St Boswells Community Council held on 23rd February , Scotland