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St. Boswells Scotland

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Information on the village of St. Boswells in Scotland.

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Green Booking Dates 2017

Green Booking Dates 2017

25th / 26th March

Sunday 26th Doreen Osmond Cherrytrees Nursery

1st/ 2nd April

8th/ 9th April
Sunday 9th Alan Hunter Newtown AFC Alan Hunter 07977574621

15th / 16th April
Sunday 16th Willie Johnstone BVAA Willie Johnstone 01835 823572

22nd / 23rd April

29th / 30th April

6th/ 7th May
Sunday 7th Sylvia Melrose Rotary

13th/14th May

20th/21st May
Sunday 21st St B Community Council Self Allan Drummond 0777 643 6668

27th/28th May

3rd/4th June
Sunday 4th Adam Tennis Club

10th/11th June

17th/18 June

24th/25th June
Sunday 25th Michael Dillon Melrose Bowling Club

1st/ 2nd July
Sunday 2nd St B Community Council Self Allan Drummond 0777 643 6668

8th/ 9th July No boots - Fair
15th/ 16th July No boots - Fair
22th/ 23th July No boots - Fair

29th/ 30thJuly
30th Cancelled Date Free

5th/6th August

12th/13th August
Sunday 13th Sylvia Melrose Rotary

19th/20th August

26th/27th August
Sunday 27th Michael Dillon Melrose Bowling Club

2nd/3rd September
Sunday 3rd Adam Tennis Club

9th/10th September

16th/17th September
17th Doreen Osmond Cherrytrees Nursery

23rd/24th September

Green Booking Dates 2017, Scotland