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Information on the village of St. Boswells in Scotland.

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Minutes of the Meeting of St Boswells Community Council held on 27th October 2016

St Boswells Community Council
Minutes of Meeting
27 October 2016
Lesser Hall, St Boswells Village Hall
at 7.30pm

J Pollock advised the meeting of what to do in the event of a fire.

Attending: M Evans, D Oliver, R Parker, A Marks, J Pollock, S Pollock, E Reid, A Drummond, D Black, PC Hogg, Councillors Stewart and Brown and 3 members of the public

Apologies: E Reid, Councillor Scott and PC J Dawson.

Minutes of Last Meeting: On the proposal of A Drummond seconded by A Marks the minute of meeting held on 29 September 2016 was approved subject, under the heading apologies, the addition of the name of M Evans.

Police Report: Written report presented by PC J Dawson and read by PC Hogg recorded that there have been 4 road checks resulting in one offence being detected. There has been 1 incident of youth antisocial behaviour and an incident of 2 youths damaging a garden. A motor vehicle collided with a deer on 05/09 and on 06/09 a vehicle driver was charged with failure to have insurance. Careless/dangerous driving in Jenny Moores Road continues to be investigated. On 12 or 13/09 a motor vehicle was stolen from Lawries garage with investigation ongoing.

Matters Arising
• Community Woodland – R Parker and J Pollock reported on the meeting with R. Powell of Buccleuch Estates. It appears that all our proposed actions are being presented to the Estates Manager and Head Forester and we await their decisions/advice and meeting at site. A new sign with a section for Community Council information has already been approved by Buccleuch Estates. Further discussion centred on (a) the road surface to the tennis courts with agreement by Councillor Stewart to ascertain if a load of scrapings can be obtained from SBC road works and (b) arranging another date during November for further voluntary work at the pond and in the woodland.
• War Memorial – D Oliver presented a short report identifying some provisional costs for advertising, hospitality for ex Servicemen, removal and cleaning of name plate, etc. He confirmed 3 local building businesses are being approached for quotations. Advice was given by Councillors Stewart and Brown regarding funding support.
• Buccleuch Estates request for ground held by Community Council and War Memorial Site – On 01/11 D Oliver and A Drummond will meet on site with the Buccleuch Estates Factor
• Benrig Cemetery Parking – ongoing
• Old Link Road behind Jenny Moores Road – This road is still designated as a public road and this will affect options to resolve issues raised by local residents. J Pollock met with J Frater from SBC Roads Department. A local resident has now consulted with most of the families (2 families yet to be contacted) directly affected, with a consistent view being expressed that the road should be deregistered by SBC and a gate installed at both ends to deter through traffic. J Pollock will contact the farmer affected and the residents are to clarify responsibilities for the maintenance of verges and hedges (query around a factors fee paid by residents)
• Extending yellow lines in Jenny Moores Road – agreed by meeting that this item will be included in our considerations around the bus stance and village parking
• Buccleuch Chase Roadway – this matter is ongoing
• Community Council Notice Board – this matter is ongoing. The Secretary will contact the Village Hall Committee to ascertain if 1 or 2 of the small notice boards there can be used by the Community Council in the interim.
• Entrance Signs to Village and bench at A68 junction from village. J Pollock reported that A Finnie, SBC has confirmed that the replacement of the signs on the A68 will proceed. The secretary will write to confirm our wish that the sign on the west side of the village is also replaced. D Oliver presented detailed costing for installing a circular bench (around a tree) and on the advice of Councillors Stewart and Brown the Secretary will submit an application for funding (consideration by SBC Cheviot Committee may be deferred to some date in the future as we have other project funding applications pending)
• Village Speed Limit –Councillor R Stewart has circulated SBC advisory documentation on this issue which suggests that SBC will not generally support requests for 20mph limits. This advice is being clarified at present and Councillor Stewart is following this up. There was a discussion about other traffic calming measures. The meeting was also advised that residents in Jenny Moores Road are preparing a petition to SBC. It is not clear if the Police have been consulted and it appears that a petition at this time might be premature. A Marks has agreed to speak to the petition coordinator to seek clarification.
• Bus Stance and village parking – Previously Councillor Sandy Scott had advised that the contact person for this was a Mr Colin Banks, Cheviot Area Locality Manager, and we had been seeking his attendance at a CC meeting. Councillor Stewart agreed to progress this and the meeting approved that the Chair and 1 other member could meet with Mr Banks if this allowed a quicker response. J Pollock is to follow up with the Village Hall Committee regarding the parking bays adjacent to the building and the telephone box (which has been listed to remain). With the opening of the restaurant in the old British Legion Building vehicle access was important and safe pedestrian access was also required next to the telephone box.
• Any Other Matters – A Drummond advised that Alba Balloons have sought permission to increase the number of flights from the Green – the meeting agree 8 flights each for Friday evening and Saturday morning.
The meeting approved the servicing of the Christmas Tree Lights and A Drummond has agreed to cost replacement with LED lighting

SBC Councillor Report:
Councillor Brown reported on further attempts to set a consultative forum with Amey regarding A68 matters. The traffic island installed at the St Boswells junction with the A68 is a temporary installation to try and regulate traffic flow in and out of the road. SBC will be monitoring effectiveness.

Correspondence: For October 2016
• Road Closures – various
• Plantscape Creative Play products (Sales Literature)
• Neighbourhood watch newsletter and warning re scams – various
• Treasurers Report
• Car Boot Sale - Requests for dates and pitches and a cancellation
• Scottish Community Alliance Newsletter September
• Minutes from last meeting
• News from John Lamont MSP
• Police Report for October
• Information regarding New Trade Waste Permit Scheme
• Various emails re A68 issues
• Confirmation of Order for Wreath for Remembrance Sunday
• Various email re Buccleuch Chase roadway
• Licensing Application changes by Hunters Stables
• Various emails re pond clearance
• Borders National Park Tourism paper – stakeholder meeting Jedburgh Town hall 17/11/2016
• Pathway support and training
• Invite to Scottish Borders Digital Forum
• Christmas decorations from MK Illuminations – sales literature
• Various emails re CC annual Payment grant
• SESplan – Strategic Development Plan – invite for consultations. Copy held by Secretary
• SCT Annual Conference2016 – celebrating civic pride - invite
• SBCCN meeting and AGM @SBC HQ on 03/11
• Various emails regarding benches, notice boards, road signs etc.
• Police Scotland Survey – notification posted on St Boswells Facebook Page
• Scottish Government – Education Governance Review
• Cancellation of Public Protection Briefing on 12/10
• Notice of public meetings in Kelso and Jedburgh – local property plans
• Notice for applications to Climate Change Fund
• Email from Alba Balloons regarding invoice and access to the Green
• Email re Back Lane Access
• Proludic – playground equipment (sales literature)
• Resilient Communities – Winter Preparedness Seminar on 15/11 at SBC
• ‘Walk It’ Walk Leader Training on 01/11 at Melrose Corn Exchange

Treasurers Report:
A Marks, Treasurer reported the following;
• Balance brought forward from 29 September- £2031.76
• Income received – £885.33 (Bank interest, Annual Grant and Green Usage)
• Expenditure – £40.00 (Grahams Gardens -Community Woodland)
• Monies Carried forward at 27 October 2016 - £2897.09
• The Road on the Green Maintenance Fund (based on 10% income) is £215.80 leaving a balance of £2681.29 normal funds available. All normal working funds are now in the Clydesdale Bank. The Royal Bank account is being kept open for all income and expenditure relating to the War Memorial Project.

• No further information about the Chip Shop window. SBC experiencing difficulty in establishing meaningful contact with the owners of the property. General concern about the example this sets within the Community

Any other business:
• Hunters Stables restaurant to open on 28/10
• Scottish Borders Walking Festival invitation to communities to host event with SBC providing £10K and support
• We need to identify two dates for CC Car Boot Sales in 2017 – agenda for next meeting
• D Black reported road surface break up near Toyota garage affecting cyclists – Councillor Stewart agreed to follow up
• Trees on Jenny Moores Road to be included in the meeting with C Banks, SBC regarding bus station and parking
• On 10/11/2016 the BBC one Show is live from Jedburgh Abbey and will host the start of the Rickshaw Challenge
• Further reports of dog mess in Jenny Moores Road and the path adjacent to Rugby Field
• The Safety Rubber Matting around the climbing frame next to the cycle track on the Rugby Field is deteriorating – R Parker will refer to A Finnie SBC

Date and time of next meeting:
Next meeting will be on Thursday 24 November 2016 @7.30pm

Minutes of the Meeting of St Boswells Community Council held on 27th October 2016, Scotland