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Information on the village of St. Boswells in Scotland.

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St Boswells Village Hall Management Committee Meeting Minutes

St Boswells Village Hall Management Committee Meeting Minutes

Tuesday 1st November 2016 at 7.00pm, Upper Hall

1. Welcome: Present: Kate Warner (Chair), Keith Farnish (Secretary), Carol Ball, Denise Brebner, Shenagh Ellershaw, Cliff Ellershaw, Ruth Drane, Lauren Purves, Bill Muir
2. Apologies Jennifer White (Treasurer), Shenagh Ellershaw
3. Approval of Minutes & Matters Arising
Kate welcomed all attendees.
Kate Warner approved the minutes of the August meeting.

Amanda Richard (September meeting) now has her requested storage.
CE has purchased the toolbox which will be stored in Pauline’s cupboard. Cost £51.81
4. Correspondence None

5. Treasurers Report Current Account : £4234.42
No 2 Account : £29348.57
P/Cash : £2.54

All suppliers have been paid.

JW has invoiced August/September invoices out together and it was later in October before she was able to send them out. There are outstanding hire invoices amounting to £1330.00. She intends to get October hire invoices sent out by the end of this week so hopefully we will be back on track again. KW will be taking over the casual invoices.

KW noted we will miss income from the Soup Club as it is not running this year. However, there are weddings, which bring in a fair amount of money.

6. Hall Brochure and Terms of Use
KW has produced an amended Terms and Conditions page, and a Policies and Procedures digest. These will be sent to the committee for review. There was a discussion with regards to insurance and liability. It was agreed we do not impose a need for hirers to be insured, but we need to ensure we follow best practice as a venue. However, the Hall being owned by the community does put some onus upon community users.
ST will send the Church Hall documentation to Kate as a comparison.

KF has been reviewing options for the brochure, and suggests making changes to website, rather than downloadable brochure. However, the Terms and Conditions, and Policies and Procedures, will be added for download. There has been no feedback from Simon Watson. KF will chase. All

7. Hall Maintenance Update KW has produced a list of things that need to be carried out, broken down into different areas, covering all aspects of decoration. This will be sent to all tenders.

KW will install coat hooks behind toilet cubicle doors. Other hooks to be installed by a Kevin Holland.

Minor electrical works to carry out: faulty socket and tripping breaker. KF will liaise with Jack Hunter.

KF has shown Roy Barrie the stage front area, and explained the work to be carried out. This is ongoing. KW is currently reviewing options for chair trolleys. CE and DB will look into this.

It has been suggested that a book case is be installed in the lobby for a book exchange. Some books have been donated to start off the collection. An appeal will be put out for a second hand book case.

A short discussion took place regarding how Pauline is best employed by the Hall. KW



8. Hall Constitution In the previous meeting it had been agreed that the Constitution be reviewed, and the Deed of Trust be somehow incorporated. RD will give to Andy Drane for review.
CE raised the point that we must clarify Hall ownership in any documentation.
9. AOB LP and RD were asked to suggest a potential fundraising event, after the new year would be best.
Christmas Day tea is going ahead. Farnish family is organising, and there have already been donations of cash and food offered.
John Small of St Boswells Live is organising a portable scaffold to fix the lighting. KF to coordinate.
KW asked for a Christmas Tree in the lobby. ST has offered to make a donation.

Date of Next Meeting: Open Meeting – Tuesday 6th December, 7pm.

St Boswells Village Hall Management Committee Meeting Minutes, Scotland