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Information on the village of St. Boswells in Scotland.

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Minutes of the Meeting of St Boswells Community Council of 25th August 2016

St Boswells Community Council
Minutes of Meeting
25 August 2016
Lesser Hall, St Boswells Village Hall
at 7.30pm

J Pollock advised the meeting of what to do in the event of a fire.

Attending: D Oliver, M Evans, R Parker, A Marks, J Pollock, S Pollock, E Reid,
Councillor A Scott and 3 members of the public

Apologies: Councillors Stewart and Brown, PC J Dawson, A Drummond, T Jackson and D Black

Minutes of Last Meeting: On the proposal of A Marks seconded by D Oliver the minute of meeting held on 07 July 2016 was approved.

Police Report: A written police Report prepared by PC J Dawson for this meeting recorded that there have been few incidents of note during July. Three road checks resulted in no offences being detected. On or about 12 August a first floor window at a house in Birley Court was broken with no suspects being seen.

Matters Arising
The cooption of Mrs E Reid, Buccleuch Chase, Electoral Roll number 9A142, to the Community Council was approved by the meeting.
Community Woodland A meeting of some interested parties was held on 12 July to consider the comments and observations from the RSPB and the Countryside Access Officer. R Parker apologised to this meeting that he had not yet prepared a written summary of that meeting but would do so and circulate a copy by email. It was agreed that we would advertise a project to clear the watercress from the pond on 18 September (to be rescheduled to 25 September if weather poor). J Pollock and R Parker to coordinate
War Memorial D Oliver presented an outline of task requirements for the project which after questions and discussion was agreed by meeting.
Buccleuch Estates request for ground held by Community Council Nothing new to report
Garden Competition The judges were escorted round St Boswells by J Pollock and they decided the winner of best garden, the runner up for best garden and the best hanging basket. The names will be advertised on the notice board adjacent to the Church Hall. J Pollock circulated a draft terms of reference/rules for the competition which was approved by the meeting
Floral Gateway Competition - the CC had previously sought local interest in the setting up of a group for the village. Insufficient interest was shown and the matter is shelved for the time being
Resilient Communities - R Parker had circulated correspondence from SBC. The CC confirmed that it was their view that a Resilient Coordinating Group should be a separate Group (although represented on the CC). Our previous circulation of an invitation to every household in the village generated insufficient interest to be able to get such a group off the ground or sustain it and the matter is shelved for the time being.
Benrig Cemetery Parking Awaiting confirmation of SBC action to install road side hard standing to take up to 4 vehicles. J Pollock will follow up with SBC.
Old Link Road behind Jenny Moores Road Awaiting confirmation of SBC action. J Pollock to follow up with SBC.
Car Boot Sale - The CC made 247.90 from our sale
Buccleuch Chase Roadway The Buccleuch Chase Proprieters Association are interested in the installation of mini bollards along the roadside verge to prevent carparkers degrading the verge and in the interests of safety. The CC has not yet received a detailed response from SBC regarding Council policy in respect of roadside verges and clarification of ownership of the site.
Community Council Notice Board J Pollock and A Drummond have been investigating options and costings and are going to prepare an options paper
Entrance Signs to Village and bench at A68 junction from village. J Pollock will meet with SBC representative on site (Signage at East village access and North and South A68 acess points) to discuss upgrades. The derelict bench (dedicated to a Mrs M Devina Cochrane an ex nurse with no ongoing family connection to the village) located at A68 junction opposite Buccleuch Hotel has been removed by J Pollock and he will try to source a replacement when he meets with SBC Officer.
Defibrillator update Following the receipt of a letter from one of the original fundraisers to purchase the defibrillator J Pollock agreed to meet with them to clarify issues.
Village Speed Limit - No updated information available.
Bus Stance - No update information available as to SBC Officer to attend CC meeting. This matter had been left with Councillor R Stewart to follow up and the Secretary will check the outcome.

SBC Councillor Report:
Councillor A Scott reported that the Councillors had been on holiday and business had therefore been restricted. Reference was made to a current SBC Review of its estates and properties which, if a building was found to be in excess of requirement, the Community might have a right to buy. There is also an SBC Review of school buildings. An email has been circulated to Councillors seeking approval to purchase litter picker equipment for CCs following an enquiry originated by St Boswells CC.

Correspondence: For July/August 2016
Plantscape Creative Play Products (Sales Literature)
Neighbourhood watch newsletter and warning re scams etc (various)
St Boswells Live- publicity
Road Closures - various
Car Boot Sale - Requests for dates and pitches
Scottish Community Alliance Newsletter July and August
Minutes for Cheviot Forum meeting on 01 june 2016
Messagemker-Electronic Signs sales literature
Minute of last CC meeting
Treasurers report for August 2016
Photocopier sales literature
Face PR newsletter for Borders 3rd sector
Email regarding proposal for improvements to end of Hamilton Place pathway
Scottish Rural Parliament - info and survey - Rural Innovators Award
Local Housing Strategy - Link
Planning Application-replacement windows/doors at West Barrow Hamilton Place
Safer Borders news August 2016
Scottish Borders Cycle Tourism Strategy consultation and workshop
Various email regarding cones and signs for Car Boot Sales
Path Training for your organisation
Planning Aid Scotland-assistance for your organisation
Scottish Heritage Angel Awards
Invite to Scottish Rural Parliament 2016-Brechin 06 to 08 October 2016
Response-electronic speed sign rota
Response-Crystal Well grass cutting
Proposal for Benrig Cemetery passing area-emails
Response-Buccleuch Chase roadside verges
By Post-Response-Defibrillator

Treasurer's Report:
A Marks, Treasurer reported the following;
Balance brought forward from 07 July 2016 - 1666.33
Income received 338.43 (Gypsy Fair, Car Boot Sale and Bank Interest)
Expenditure 60(St Boswells Public Hall letting Charge)
Monies Carried forward at 25 August2016 - 1944.76
The Road on the Green maintenance Fund (based on 10% income) is 199.60 leaving a balance of 1745.16 normal funds available. All normal working funds are now in the Clydesdale Bank. The Royal Bank account is being kept open for all income and expenditure relating to the War Memorial Project.

Replacement windows/doors at west Barrow, Hamilton Place.
No further information about the Chip Shop window

Any other business:
Mole hills on the Green - J Pollock to raise with SBC
Broken branch on Lime tree on Green - D Oliver to deal with
Debris from car crash in roadside verge at East road access to village - J Pollock to deal with
Dog Fouling on path adjacent to rugby field continuing along old Jenny Moores road - S Pollock to contact Dog Wardens
School roadside sign adjacent to bus station is dirty and obscured by foliage, British Legion sign and Polwarth Avenue 'new road layout' sign are no longer required - R Parker and J Pollock to deal with

Date and time of next meeting:
Next meeting will be on Thursday 29 September 2016 @7.30pm

Minutes of the Meeting of St Boswells Community Council of 25th August 2016, Scotland