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Information on the village of St. Boswells in Scotland.

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Minutes of the Meeting of St Boswells Parish Community Council held on 7th July 2016

St Boswells Community Council
Minutes of Meeting
07 July 2016
Lesser Hall, St Boswells Village Hall
at 7.30pm

J Pollock advised the meeting of what to do in the event of a fire.

Attending: D Oliver, A Drummond, R Parker, A Marks, J Pollock, S Pollock, D Black,
And 3 members of the public

Apologies: Councillors Scott and Stewart, M Evans and PC J Dawson

Minutes of Last Meeting: On the proposal of S Pollock seconded by A Drummond the minute of meeting held on 26 May 2016 was approved subject to the amendments that A Marks was in attendance and that the item relating to (a) speed signs showed that A Drummond was writing to SBC and (b) village entrance signs would be agendaed for discussion at todays meeting

Police Report: A written police Report prepared by PC J Dawson for this meeting recorded that there have been few incidents of note during May and June. One road check resulted in the issue of a Vehicle ASBO warning. One stop and search resulted in the recovery of a small quantity of cannabis and an adult male charged. On 03/06/2016 a two vehicle non injury collision at Milestone junction, Newtown St Boswells resulted in one driver being charged with driving without due care and attention and the issue of a fixed penalty fine. A crime has been recorded in relation to malicious damage to a vehicle in Weirgate Avenue during mid June and is still being investigated. On 22/06/2016 the Police attended a neighbour dispute in Springfield Terrace when each party was given appropriate advice and on 01/07/2016 an adult male was arrested from a house in Springfield terrace on a Court Apprehension Warrant.
The report also drew attention to the appointment of 2 Community Dog Wardens fines have been increased to 80 they can be contacted at SBC on 0300 100 1800

Matters Arising
Community Woodland A Marks, J Pollock, S Pollock and R Parker undertook a walk round the whole site and reestablished water flow to the pond. Two members of RSPB spent an afternoon in the woodland and made a number of comments and observations which were recorded and copied to members of the Community Council. Contact has been made with a local member of the Woodland Trust and with the SBC Countryside Access Officer and it was agreed that R Parker would coordinate a meeting for Tuesday 12 July to debate issues and develop a report for consideration by a future Community Council meeting. S Pollock and A Marks to attend.
War Memorial D Oliver met with builders and engineer at proposed site. Bore holes were made and we await the engineers report. Funding has been received and payment made for the first tranche of work. The meeting briefly discussed subsequent required actions such as accurate estimating of costs, formal funding application and advertising the contract for work. D Oliver will coordinate all activities for the Community Council.
Buccleuch Estates request for ground held by Community Council Nothing new to report
Garden Competition J Pollock and R Parker to coordinate and support the judges
Benrig Cemetery Parking Awaiting confirmation of SBC action to install road side hard standing to take up to 4 vehicles
Old Link Road behind Jenny Moores Road A member of the public presented a verbal report regarding the exclusion of vehicles (excepting farm and emergency) to the Old Jenny Moores Road. The meeting discussed a range of issues and options. In the first instance A Drummond will write to A Finnie, SBC to seek clarification on the status and ownership of the road
Speed Sign update A Drummond read an incomprehensible letter from SBC regarding the availability of a speed sign. He will write back to SBC seeking clarification and to obtain costs for the Community Council to purchase its own
Vacancy for Community Councillor we have two vacancies and A Drummond detailed our powers of cooption, the process and the requirement for information of the name, address and electoral roll number of any candidate
Buccleuch Chase Roadway J Pollock had visited the site and a member of the public resident in the area gave a report of the concerns and provided photographic evidence of the problem. A Drummond will write to A Finnie, SBC to clarify Council policy in respect of road side verges and to seek information about ownership of the site
Community Council Notice Board It was reported that we have not yet been able to identify a suitable product or a price and therefore cannot identify a funding source. The Church Hall notice board which was originally purchased and installed by the Community Council requires the replacement of the Perspex. In view of our intention to install a dedicated Community Council notice board the meeting felt that we should not fund this. On the advice of a member of the public the Church Hall Committee should contact the Village Week Committee as they may have funds available to assist
Entrance Signs to Village J Pollock had previously circulated an email about this issue. There was some discussion about style of any sign, potential locations and issues around costs and maintenance. Meeting agreed to defer further discussion to next meeting.
Defibrillator update A Marks reported his initial findings to the Committee as to its origins and subsequent history (that the original fundraisers still held some 100+), the costs of maintenance, replacement of batteries (100 every 7 years) and parts (40 per pad every 2/3 years) and the need for regular testing. At present there appears to be no one who is responsible for the unit, it does not appear to be wired into any electrical source, the door alarm does not work and internal condensation has been observed. A Drummond reported that SBC will not fund Community Councils to pay for maintenance, servicing and replacement parts. At the request of a member of the public the Community Council had provided funding for information leaflets to be printed and circulated via the Church Newsletter. The meeting indicated that we would be willing to provide some financial help but would not take ownership or responsibility for the unit. A Drummond will write to the original fundraisers to ascertain their views about future action/responsibility.
Any Matters Outstanding. R Parker confirmed that telephone contact had been made with the main Gypsy families attending St Boswells Fair to confirm that the date of access to the Green is Thursday 14 July and departure is Tuesday 19 July. R Parker and J Pollock would visit the Gypsy families during the evening of 14 July.
The meeting was informed that the connecting stile from Benrig Cemetery to St Cuthberts Way has been renewed.

SBC Councillor Report:
No Councillors Report available to meeting

for June 2016

1. Road Closures - Various
2. Plantscape Creative Play Products (Sales Literature)
3. Neighbourhood watch newsletter and warning re scams etc (various)
4. St Boswells Live- publicity
5. Communications from Various Depts- re A68
6. Car Boot Sale - Requests for dates
7. Scottish Community Alliance Newsletter (subscribed)May
8. Various calls and e-mails re car boot sale/s
9. 5th Reviews of Electoral Arrangements
10. Various re payment of funds from SBC
11. Media statement: Boundary Commission's recommendations
12. Members briefing - First Bus proposals for Borders service
13. News release: Informal consultation on new Earlston additional support needs provision to be held
14. News release: Integrated Children and Young People's Plan 2015-18 launched
15. Agenda for Cheviot Area Forum, Wednesday, 1st June, 2016
16. Face PR - Link Newsletter - survey and feedback request
17. E-mail regarding vandalism to St Boswells Live Signage
18. Volunteer Management Training - Edinburgh
19. Understand The Financial Role & Responsibilities of Directors - Salford
20. Proposal for Passing Area Benrig - emails
21. Scottish Community Alliance Newsletter (subscribed)June
22. Public Services Complaints Handling: An Update from the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman - Conference Edinburgh
23. Messagemaker-Electronic Signs(Sales Literature)
24. The Bridge - Newsletter
25. Various e-mails re community Woodland
26. Community Council contact details held by SBC
27. Safer Borders news June 2016
28. Community Council Planning Consultation Methods - June 2016
29. Email response re Smiley Speed Sign - Placement and provision
30. Minutes from Last Meeting
31. Borders National Park - Link to Documents
32. Kompan - Play equipment (Sales Literature)
33. Various e-mails re Buccleuch Chase Roadway
34. Various e-mails re Defibrillator - contribution towards costs
35. Caloo Ltd - Play equipment (Sales Literature)
36. St Boswells Village Hall - Notice of AGM date change
37. PRS Music for all - Have your say in our Local Authorities consultation
38. Update: SESplan Proposed Strategic Development Plan
39. HM Fire Service Inspectorate: Proposed Inspection in Scottish Borders + Questionaire
40. Public Protection Briefings - Flyer

A Drummond drew attention to (a) correspondence from the Fire Service which has issued a consultation document on future service provision and (b) RAF Association posters looking for befrienders A Drummond and J Pollock agreed to locate posters in village and the Hall

Treasurers Report:
A Marks reported the following;
Balance brought forward from 26 May 2016 - 1705.43
Income received 866.60 (Green usage and grant funding for War Memorial Project)
Expenditure 905.70(Leaflets for defibrillator, Treasurers expenses and War Memorial Project costs)
Monies Carried forward at 07 July 2016 - 1666.33
The Road on the Green maintenance Fund (based on 10% income) is 165.81 leaving a balance of 1500.52 normal funds available. The Royal Bank account is being kept open for all income and expenditure relating to the War Memorial Project.

No new applications considered and no further information about the Chip Shop window

Any other business:
Vehicle Speeding within village request to consider proposal to apply for regulation to reduce speed within village to 20 miles per hour agreed to agenda for next meeting
Moving bus station to Vets Field agreed to agenda for next meeting
Report from member of public that there had been no grass cutting done at the Crystal Well it was confirmed that this grass cut had been scheduled for June but would now be completed in July

Date and time of next meeting:
Next meeting will be on Thursday 25 August 2016 @7.30pm

Minutes of the Meeting of St Boswells Parish Community Council held on 7th July 2016, Scotland