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Information on the village of St. Boswells in Scotland.

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Minutes of the Meeting of St Boswells Parish Community Council held on 26th May 2016

St Boswells Community Council
Minutes of Meeting
26 May 2016
Lesser Hall, St Boswells Village Hall
at 7.30pm

J Pollock advised the meeting of what to do in the event of a fire.

Attending: D Oliver, A Drummond, R Parker, A Marks, J Pollock, S Pollock, D Black, M Evans and Councillor Stewart

Apologies: Councillor Brown, R Lawrie, A Marks and PC J Dawson

Minutes of Last Meeting: On the proposal of A Drummond seconded by M Evans the minute of meeting held on 28 April 2016 was approved

Police Report: A written police Report prepared by PC J Dawson recorded that there have been no incidents of note during May - 4 road checks resulted in 1 speeding offence detected.

Matters Arising
Presentation by Rory Powell, Buccleuch Estates regarding the Community Woodland. They are looking for development opportunities, community ownership of any projects and access to volunteer groups. Mr Powell would support applications to Buccleuch estates for any identified projects and assist, if possible, in the supply of help, tools and advice. The meeting thought that a map of the area and an assessment by a forester and the replacement of the notice board would be helpful. R Parker, A Marks, and S and J Pollock will arrange to visit the site to be able to inform future discussion and to attempt repair of water head to pond. R Parker will contact RSPB to try and obtain a professional audit of bird life in the area and advise S Kevan, Countryside Access Officer of developments because of her links with school programmes and the proposed booklet of local walks.
War Memorial D Oliver will coordinate all activities for the Community Council. Funding will be available from 03/06/2016 for the borehole testing and engineers report. H Batch, SBC will assist in supporting future funding applications.
Funfair on the Green The Community Council received a written complaint about the noise levels of the funfair during the weekend 20/21 May 2016. There was an extensive debate which included the need to give St Boswells residents prior notice and the need for a notice board specific to Community Council decisions and information. Councillor Stewart has agreed to check with SBC staff regarding general licencing specifications and any specific conditions relating to noise. A Drummond is to write to Mr K Stuart, Funfair regarding noise levels, access to and from the Green and prior notice timing.
Buccleuch Estates request for ground held by Community Council Nothing new to report
Car Boot Sale the recent Community Council Car Boot sale attracted income of 290 which is one the best figures ever achieved. The next CC Car Boot sale is scheduled for 14 August 2016
Garden Competition A Drummond presented final version of poster with competition date changed to week beginning 11/07/2016. The judges are being provided from Milestone Garden Centre staff. Notices will be posted on facebook, Post Office, notice board, Milestone Garden Centre and at pensioners lunch club
Benrig Cemetery Parking J Pollock met on site with A Finnie, SBC to discuss introducing a hard core verge to take up to 4 vehicles. Councillor J Brown is coordinating action.
Chip Shop Window Mr P Green, SBC Planning Enforcement Officer has written to A Drummond confirming that an enforcement notice will be served and we will be notified of date of serving and any appeal deadlines.
K Hughes written resignation from Community Council has now been received.
SBC Councillor Report:
First Bus is to cease some services across the Borders and St Boswells will be affected a public consultation is now active.
Bomb Threats to Schools 28 Schools (2 in Scotland and 26 in England). SBC was not directly affected but Emergency Planning and Schools are reviewing all procedures.
Electoral commission confirmation that SBC will lose 2 Councillors being lost from Hawick area. St Boswells Community Council is also affected because Charlesfield will come under jurisdiction of Selkirk Community Council
Cheviot Area Forum scheduled for week beginning 30 May 2016. A Drummond and T Jackson normally attend on our behalf.
Education Additional Needs Centre at Earlston public consultation has now commenced
2016 Walking Festival event runs from 4 to 10 September in Coldstream.
Notice of a seminar on 7 June 2016 on transport issues in the Cheviot area.
A68 Amey has confirmed overnight road closure form St Boswells south to Harrietsfied for resurfacing works.
SBC Councillors expenses have been published
Works programme for Cheviot Area has been published

Correspondence list attached to minute of meeting

Treasurer's Report:
A Marks reported the following;
Balance brought forward from 28 April 2016 - 792.43
Income received 290 (Car Boot and Green usage) and 100 (Stuarts Fun Fair)
Expenditure Nil
Monies Carried forward at 26 May 2016 - 1182.43
The Road on the Green maintenance Fund (based on 10% income) is 156.65 leaving a balance of 1025.78 normal funds available
Meeting also considered a letter from member of public regarding future funding of the servicing of the community defibrillator. A Drummond to action.

No new applications considered

Any other business: Letter received from Buccleuch Chase Resident Proprietors Association regarding parking on verge on the Selkirk Road and the need for paving. J Pollock to follow up
Signs on the Green a member of the public has been concerned about the temporary installation of a sign and requested information. The organization concerned is a charity and a regular user of the Green for Car Boot sales. The Community Council will consider each application to erect a sign on its own merits.
The Committee for the Village Week would like to come under Community Council insurance to cover its activities. A Drummond will request that a member of the Village Week Committee be asked to sit on the Community Council
A Drummond will prepare a report on the feasibility/cost of purchasing/erecting a mobile speed sign/welcome sign to the village
Community Council Notice Board J Pollock will meet with A Finnie, SBC to discuss. Issue to be agendaed for next meeting.
Installation of dog waste/litter bin at access to Sewage Works Countryside Access Officer to be contacted

Date and time of next meeting
Arising from a number of apologies being tendered for the meeting scheduled on 30 June 2016 and that the meeting would be not be quorate it was decided to call the meeting on Thursday 07 July 2016 @7.30pm

Correspondence in for May 2016

1. Road Closures - Various
2. Plantscape Creative Play Products (Sales Literature)
3. Neighbourhood watch newsletter and warning re scams etc (various)
4. St Boswells Live- publicity
5. Communications from Cllr Stewart re A68
6. LED Christmas trees for 2016 (Sales Literature)
7. Communications from Cllr Stewart re QoL funding for Projects
8. Communication re Chip Shop Windows - Ongoing
9. Communication re Fair on Green
10. Communication re Insurance Cover
11. Communication re Insurance Cover for Village Week
12. Car Boot Sale - Requests for dates, confirmation of dates and returned agreement forms
13. Car Boot Sale - Requests for Tombola and Zorb Balls
14. Car Boot Sales- Discussion re cancellations
15. Publicity - re Green Dog Walkers Scheme
16. Various - re Flying Scotsman Visit
17. Messagemaker-Electronic Signs(Sales Literature)
18. Milestone - Continuing Sponsorship and offer of Judges
19. Scottish Community Alliance Newsletter (subscribed)March
20. BCS Buggy / Pushchair Shelters (Sales Literature)
21. Energy Saving Trust - Partnership Newsletter
22. Community Empowerment Act: Participation request focus group
23. SBC Waste survey
24. Rural Manifesto Event Invitation
25. Various - BVAA Signs on Green
26. Various calls and e-mails re car boot sale/s
27. Volunteer Management Training June - Edinburgh
28. Buccleuch Chase - Proprietors Association - Roadway issues
29. Safer Borders news May 2016
30. Rural Manifesto Event Invitation Update
31. Advanced Facilitation Training - June Edinburgh
32. Learning Disability week 2016
33. Requests for Cones and Sign- for Car Boot
34. Karen Hughes - Resignation
35. LINK - New monthly publication to Community Groups - May Issue
36. Police Report

By Post
1. Local Development Plan

Minutes of the Meeting of St Boswells Parish Community Council held on 26th May 2016, Scotland