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Information on the village of St. Boswells in Scotland.

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Minutes of the AGM of St Boswells Parish Community Council held on 28th April 2016

St. Boswells Parish Community Council.
St. Boswells Village Hall.
Thursday 28th April 2016.
Minutes of Meeting – Annual General Meeting.

D. Oliver advised the meeting of what to do in the event of fire.

1. Present: D Oliver, A Drummond, D Black, J Pollock, A Marks, M Evans, S Pollock, Cllr. J Brown and one member of the public.
Apologies: R Parker. T Jackson, Cllr. Sandy Scott, Cllr. Rory Stewart.

2. Minutes of AGM held on 30th April 2015 – approved A Marks, 2nd. A Drummond.

3. Chairman’s Report: D Oliver.
I would like to thank all Community Councillors, especially the new ones elected last year who have taken on office positions, Alan as treasurer and John as vice chairman. Special thanks must go to Allan as secretary and his secretary at home, it is by far the biggest job and they manage it admirably, the Community Council just would not run without their input, Thank You both.
The Gypsy fair ran reasonably well, one of the vans arrived early but the Gypsies sorted things out themselves. I'm pleased to say that during my time as chairman the villagers and gypsies have come together, helped by our exhibition last year and its now no longer them and us. Hopefully this friendship will prosper and benefit all.
The moving of the war memorial continues slowly, we had an exhibition in the village hall on Armistice Sunday where the people of St. Boswells voted to support the moving of the memorial, this will give us access to funding. Currently we are about to dig test holes to establish the condition of the ground for Structural Engineers to spec a concrete pad, we can then put this work out to tender. I would like to thank all who helped make the exhibition a success, especially J D Smith from Earlston who provided background details of the names on the memorial.
Ongoing problems with pot holes on our roads are continually being raised with the Community Council, I ask that Scottish Borders Council get their act together, stop paying compensation to people who have had their vehicles damaged on the roads and spend the money fixing the roads properly. If Amey won’t fix the A68 trunk road then our elected councillors should be lobbying Scottish Parliament to have Amey's contract removed and given to someone who will fix them.
Best garden was won by Tam McEwan who also won best hanging basket, this is a first, well done.
Village clean up in April was reasonably well supported with the village looking a lot tidier after. Hopefully this will become an annual event.
After a lot of discussion, posts were set into the ground on either side of the newly tarred road onto the Green, these should stop vehicles driving off the edge and breaking the tar.
The village has at last got a Defibrillator outside the Post Office, this will need an annual service, I would like the Community Council to find the funds to ensure this happens.
I have enjoyed my time as chairman but said at last year’s AGM that I would only remain in the post for one year. I wish the new chairman well and will support him however I can. Thank you all for your support during my time.

4. Treasurer’s Report For Year 2015-2016.
Donations for use of Green £630.10 / ST Boswells’ Hall Rent £200.00
SBC WW1 & 11 Exhibition Grant £873.17 / Secretary’s expenses £42.83
SBC Maintenance Grant £631..00 / Remembrance Day wreath £30.80
SBC Annual Grant £810.00 / Best Gardens expenses £16.40
Donation for War Memorial £20.00 / GB Landscaping £1,992.00
RBS Bank Interest £00.58. / WW1 &11 Exhibition £564.86
Christmas Lights Refurbishment £138.60
Christmas Lights Electricity £50.00
Main Street Trading voucher £30.00
ROS Land Search £24.00

£2964.85 £3089.49
Balance on 1/4/15 £965.97 Balance on 31/3/16 £841.33

£3930.82 £3930.83

NB. 10% of funds raised from donations of Green usage are being kept back for repair of Green Track. - £116.45.
Balance: £841.33
Held in two accounts: £2167.45
Less unpresented cheques £15.59
Clydesdale: £790.86
RBS: £50.47
Balance at Banks: £841.33
I have examined the documents provided and the above statement gives a true record.
Signed – Kenneth G Ovens.

5. Election of office bearers.
Chairperson: J Pollock 1st. D Oliver 2nd. A Marks.
Vice Chairperson: D Oliver. 1st. A Drummond. 2nd. M Evans
Secretary: A Drummond. 1st. A Marks. 2nd. J Pollock.
Minute Secretary: R Parker 1st. A Marks. 2nd. A Drummond.
Treasurer: A Marks. 1st. S Pollock. 2nd. M Evans.

6. Agreement to abide by the Scottish Borders Council Code of Conduct for Community Councils.
All Community Councillors agreed to abide by above Code of Conduct.

Minutes of the AGM of St Boswells Parish Community Council held on 28th April 2016, Scotland