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Information on the village of St. Boswells in Scotland.

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Minutes of the Meeting of St Boswells Parish Community Council held on 28th April 2016

St Boswells’ Parish Community Council.
Minutes of Meeting
28th April 2016
Lesser Hall, St Boswells’ Village Hall
At 7.30pm.

1. D Oliver advised the meeting what to do in the event of fire.

2. Apologies: R Parker. T Jackson, Cllr. S Scott, Cllr. R Stewart.

3. Present: D Oliver, A Drummond, A Marks, J Pollock, S Pollock, D Black, M Evans, Cllr. J Brown, PC J Dawson, and one member of the public.

4. Minutes of last meeting: On the proposal of S Pollock. Seconded by M Evans the minute of meeting held on 31st. March 2016 was approved.

5. Police Report: Copy of Police Report attached to minute of meeting.

6. New Chairperson – J Pollock gave a vote of thanks to D Oliver for all his hard work over the years.

7. Matters Arising:
• War Memorial Update: Ongoing. Waiting for funding to cover ground work testing. Cllr. J Brown to chase this up. D Oliver offered to oversee tenders etc.
• Ground for Buccleuch Estates: Ongoing. A Drummond has contacted Annabel Scott. Land agent for Buccleuch Estates. Matter now in hands of solicitors.
• Village Spring Clean: Although only 17 people turned up on the day, 33 bags of assorted rubbish was collected. J Pollock acknowledged support from SBC –providing “litter pickers” and “high viz jackets also promptly removing rubbish sacks. J Pollock thanked R Parker for organising and overseeing the “clean-up”. Hopefully this will now become an annual event, the need for better advertising was also discussed.
• Car Boot Sales update. The date of the Community Council Car Boot sale (15th. May) unfortunately clashes with the Flying Scotsman locomotive coming to the Borders. In view of this it was agreed to move it to the following Sunday 22nd. May. A Drummond will advertise change of date. It was agreed that the cost to participants at our car boot sale would remain at £5 for cars and £10 for vans.
• Garden Competition Poster: A Drummond showed prototype of advertising poster to be used. This was agreed upon with a slight change to the wording ie. Take out “nominations” and only have “enquiries” to A Drummond. Poster to be displayed at Post Office, Co-op, Milestone and St Boswells’ facebook page.
• Benrig Cemetery Gates: A Drummond has checked, and gates now working properly.
• Benrig Cemetery Parking: ongoing. No further progress. Cllr. J Brown to set up site visit with A Finnie. J Pollock to attend on behalf of Community Council.
• Chip Shop windows: ongoing. A Drummond has spoken to I Aikman (Head of Planning) He will chase this up.
• Bus stop at end of Springfield Terrace. It has been clarified that this is only a courtesy stop – not an official one. Perryman’s will address as a training issue with their drivers.

Matters Outstanding:
• K Hughes has indicated she wished to resign from Community Council, J Pollock to contact her to say we need to have it in writing. The CC now has 2 vacancies for co-opted members.

8. SBC Councillor’s Report: Cllr. J Brown.
• Arising from pending Scottish Parliament election local politics is fairly dormant.
• Roads review to be set up to look after Border highways with the possibility of freeing up money to address potholes etc.

9. Correspondence: Correspondence list attached to minute of meeting.

10. Treasurer’s Report:
A Marks reported the following:
• Balance brought forward from 31ST. March 2016 - £841.33.
• Income received: Car Boot/Green Usage Tim Brown Walkabout Crafts -£12.00
• Expenditure: Photocopying maps for Spring Litter Pick-up - £0.99
St Boswells’ Public Hall – Hire of (Jan –March) - £60.00
• Monies carried forward @28th. April 2016 - £792.43.
• NB. The road on the Green Maintenance fund (based on 10% income) @28th. April2016 is £117.65, leaving a balance of £674.78 normal funds available.
• Most of these funds are now in the Clydesdale Bank, with a small amount only keeping the RBS open for potential payments into this account, until all have the new bank account on file.

11. Planning:
• Planning consultation re. Biomass plant Bund and Bore etc. At Charlesfield.
• Planning Consultation re. Vets at Greenside.

12. Any Other Business:
• Pre Fair Meeting: Scheduled for 7pm 26th. May. 2016.
• 2 vacancies. CC members asked to approach interested people with a view to becoming co-opted members.
• M Evans asked about improving publicity for Community Council, at present we share the church notice board. J Pollock will approach I Hunter about board outside “Shimmer” (this was previously used by the British Legion). Cllr. J Brown suggested funding may be available from “Quality Life” for a new notice board.

Date of next meeting. Thursday 26th. May 2016.
• 7pm. Pre Fair Meeting.
• 7.30pm. Community Council Meeting.

Correspondence in for April 2016

1. Road Closures - Various
2. Plantscape Creative Play Products (Sales Literature)
3. Neighbourhood watch newsletter and warning re scams etc (various)
4. St Boswells Live- publicity
5. Communications from Cllr Stewart re A68
6. Communications from Cllr Stewart re Bus Stop at end of Springfield Terrace
7. Festive Lighting for 2016 (Sales Literature)
8. Communications from Cllr Stewart re QoL funding for Projects
9. Communications from Various other CCs re A68
10. SBC Waste Survey
11. Various e-mails re Litter Pick
12. SBCCN Stakeholder presentation slides
13. LINK - New monthly publication to Community Groups
14. Talk Action - Advanced Facilitation Training - Edinburgh
15. Planning Consultation re Greenside Vets
16. Car Boot Sale - Requests for dates, confirmation of dates and returned agreement forms
17. Car Boot Cancellation - Cherrytrees Nursery
18. Communication re Chip Shop Windows - Ongoing
19. Email re Car Boot suggestions
20. Police Report

By Post
1. Planning Consultation re Biomass plant Bund and Bore etc at Charlesfield

Minutes of the Meeting of St Boswells Parish Community Council held on 28th April 2016, Scotland