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Information on the village of St. Boswells in Scotland.

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St Boswells Village Hall Annual General Meeting Wednesday 10th June 2015

St Boswells Village Hall Annual General Meeting
Wednesday 10th June 2015

Present: Robin Wild (Chairman), Jennifer White (Treasurer), Kate Warner (Secretary), Lorne Brown (Committee Member), Bob Renton (Committee Member), Keith Farnish (Committee Member), Mark Douglas (Committee Member), Euan Watt (Clerk of Works), Shenagh Ellershaw (Committee Member), Cliff Ellershaw, Bill Muir (Committee Member), Rev Sheila Moir (Church).

Apologies: Sandra Thomas (Committee Member), Amanda Richard (Funtastic Fitness), Audrey Rae (Badminton), Denise Brebner (Embroidery Group), Nigel Pollock (Fundraising Committee), John Lamont (MSP), Kirsten & Stacey (St Boswells Guides), Margaret (Scottish Slimmers), Norrie Allen Borders District Scouts) Gayle Middlemass (Greenside Vets)

Approval of Minutes Minutes from the AGM of Wednesday 11th June 2014 were approved by Keith Farnish and seconded by Jennifer White.

Matters Arising: None

AGM Business:

Treasurer’s Report 2014/15 – Treasurer – Jennifer White
Two bank accounts are separate this year so we can see the refurbishment fundraising separately. Lets are down on previous year but we were closed for two months of the financial year. Donations are up as are fundraising efforts. Expenses changes – Gas not using previous year; Broadband is a new expenses which we were donated money for this from Lowland Finance; two phones for hall and new brochure £185; equipment replacements – extra infrastructure for additional lights; membership fees up includes public entertainment which is every three years.
There is a deficit – reasons are – electricity for which there is a credit of £994 so this monthly amount has dropped as has the gas; £1200 outstanding debtors slow to pay – outstanding amount has come in now. Balance is healthy. All other information is in the accounts statement.
Jennifer then talked through the No2 account – fundraising and the various amounts that have come in. Gift aid to be claimed £2,900. Auditor has suggested £6,000 transfer over to the No1 account; however the committee felt that the reserved account, which is part of the refurbishment project and fundraising, should stay as it is but be transferred if required. It was also agreed that, in the day-to-day running of the hall, lets should cover the running costs and if not then fundraising events should be planned to raise additional funds. It was also commented that the roof will need to be paid for in the future and money in account number 2 could be used towards this. The Chairman thanked Jennifer for all her hard work during the year and for the finalising of the accounts.

Chairman’s Review 2014/15 – Robin Wild, Chairman
The chairman reported that all planned refurbishment tasks had been completed and remarked upon how much has been possible. He thanked everyone who had contributed to this, particularly Mark Douglas this year for getting us up to the line with the Climate Challenge Fund and for the wonderful summary and final report to CCF. He also thanked Lorne Brown and Bob Renton for getting everything prepared and through for our additional funding. Keith Farnish was thanked for his work on the lighting and Patsy Blacklock for curtains, Nigel Pollock for all his fundraising and keeping the Fundraising Committee on target. The Chairman thanked Kate Warner and Jennifer White (who he named “the wonderful duo”) for their input. The Chairman then went on to praise Euan Watt who has been the Clerk of Works for more than ten years and has done a spiffing job keeping us up to the mark on so many things. He has done a terrific job and we will miss him very much as he is stepping down.
The Chairman noted that in our returning lets we don't have the St Boswells Band anymore who decided that Community Hall was where they would stay which means we have upstairs clear for other meetings. The roof was also mentioned and the future repairs which will be in the region of £30,000 - although this could be staged. It was reported that the guttering has been repaired but there is a small amount still to do.
The Chairman thanked all of the Committee during his time as Chairman and voiced his desire to step down as Chairman at this meeting.

AGM Business Existing committee stood down. New committee elected.
Some members of the Committee decided not to be re-elected, others to stay on as shown below. There is no one in the role of Clerk of Works and it was agreed that this role should be advertised, until then the duties performed by Clerk of Works, mainly being the link between the Hall and Contractors or Suppliers and being the technical side of any issues which arise at the Hall would be covered by other members of the Committee and that people in the Community could be called upon to help when required.
Election of New Office Bearers and Committee
Chairperson Kate Warner proposed by Keith Farnish seconded by Rev Moir
Minute Secretary Keith Farnish proposed by Kate Warner seconded by Jennifer White
Booking secretary Kate Warner proposed by Robin Wild seconded by Rev Moir
Treasurer Jennifer White proposed by Robin Wild seconded by Kate Warner
Clerk of Works To be advertised
Ordinary Members Shenagh Ellershaw, Bill Muir, Sandra Thomas, mark Douglas, Nigel Pollock

pb]Fundraising committee[/b] – asked to revisit grants and look at possibilities for the roof. Mark will meet with Nigel to discuss raising money for the roof. This is the last stage of the refurbishment but would be good to have funds raised for this.

Dates of Future Open Meetings: Future Open Meetings were agreed as:

1 Wednesday 23rd September 2015
2 Wednesday 9th December 2015
3 Wednesday 16th March 2016
4 Wednesday 22nd June 2016 – Annual General Meeting

Groups must send representatives to at least two of these meetings to ensure they continue to receive preferential lower rates for regular hall rental.

It was agreed to hold a Committee only meeting 19th August 2015 at 7.30pm in the Upper Hall

Any Other Business: 1. End of lesser hall between us and the Johnstons next door – the original wall needs to be re-flashed. Mark will ring Murray & Burrell to quote for this.
2. Gas meter housing – Keith will ring the gas company and tell them it is unsafe and ask for replacement. We have quotes for housing but these are too expensive.
3. Put Hall forward as a Duke of Edinburgh volunteer group – Kate to lead.
4. Bunting on hall to come down – Kate to organise.
5. We don't have a permanent board displayed for the Climate Challenge Fund. Kate to email Rebecca and ask what we have to display and then organise.
6. Noticeboard – out of date appeal in there and this needs to be taken out and then updated – Kate and Keith to organise.
7. Hand over of Clerk of Works folders – Euan to do at end of this meeting, Keith to lead and Pauline to be instructed in fire testing etc.
8. Phone numbers and committee details needs to be in the noticeboard – to be agreed at the next Committee meeting in August.
9. Put a notice up in kitchen with the broadband key – to be discussed at next Committee meeting.
10. Keith Farnish wished thanks to be noted from cricket club for the old Hall heaters which are heating up their toilets very nicely.
11. Sound system has now been installed, has been used at two different events and the agreement between St Boswells Live and the Hall for its use can be agreed at the next meeting.
12. Resilient communities – extra cable under flooring so this could have a generator outside if required in an emergency.
13. Service drawings have been produced by Camerons and are with the folders.
14. Quotes have come in for cinema/projector screen - £1000; the large cost is the projector as it is professional equipment. This may not be worth doing. Small projector and screen in lesser hall may be better – Cheviot area funding – look into this – either lesser or upper hall for this.

Date of Next Meeting: Next Committee Meeting – 19th August 2015 at 7.30pm in the Upper Hall.
Next Open Hall Committee Meeting – 23rd September 2015 at 7.30pm in the Upper Hall.

Other Notes: A set of accounts for the St Boswells Village Hall Management Committee - available at the AGM, if you would like to receive a copy after the AGM please contact Jennifer White, Treasurer.

St Boswells Village Hall Annual General Meeting Wednesday 10th June 2015, Scotland