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Information on the village of St. Boswells in Scotland.

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Minutes of the Meeting of St Boswells Parish Community Council of 26th November 2015

St Boswells Community Council
Minutes of Meeting
26 November 2015
Lesser Hall, St Boswells Village Hall
at 7.30pm

D Oliver advised the meeting of what to do in the event of a fire.

Attending: D Oliver, A Drummond, R Parker, A Marks, J Pollock, D Black, M Evans, K Hughes and 3 members of the public.

Apologies: S Pollock, PC J Dawson and Councillor Stewart

Minutes of Last Meeting: On the proposal of A Drummond seconded by J Pollock the minute of meeting held on 29 October 2015 was approved

Police Report: See attached Report
There were 28 incidents relating to alarm activations and the Road Traffic Act. There were no recorded crimes or anti social behaviour.

Matters Arising
• War Memorial – The result of the public vote was 197 voting papers received (of which 8 voters were ineligible and 2 voting papers were spoiled) and counted as 45 against the moving of the War Memorial and 142 for. The exhibition and vote has been reported in The Southern Reporter. Thanks to everyone who contributed to an excellent exhibition and the public vote. D Oliver has prepared a project action plan and will circulate it to CC members and A Drummond has contacted J Robertson, SBC Funding Adviser. The British Legion Roll of Honour handed in by Mrs J Grieve will be held by D Oliver after it is returned by SBC Heritage Hub, Hawick were a copy will be held for historical records.
• Buccleuch Estates request for ground held by Community Council – Buccleuch Estates has requested ground on the Track on the Green adjacent to the cottages on the Green that it owns. D Oliver and A Drummond have met with the owner of the cottage at the end of the Track on the Green to ascertain her position. There was an extensive discussion about the possible sale value of the ground, the historical good relationship between the Duke of Buccleuch and the village, that the ground was originally given to the Community Council by the Duke of Buccleuch and the current issue around the proposed site of the War Memorial.
It was decided that A Drummond would check the actual wording of the letter from Buccleuch Estates and circulate a copy to cc members, that SBC Legal Services would be informed of the situation and that the interested parties arrange a site meeting to resolve practical and financial issues.
• Car Boot Sales – A Drummond has prepared new contracts for organizations applying for Car Boot Sale bookings which include new specifications for (a) road safety and traffic site lines and a map showing the location of road cones, (b) event organizer responsibility in relation to hot food vendors, (c) rules for hot food vendors and (d) rules regarding waste food and litter
• Grass Cutting – A Drummond has prepared a new contract and grass cutting specification plan which will be circulated to CC members. A map showing the routes will be attached. R Parker will share this information with the Countryside Access Officer to ascertain if they can assume any responsibility for some routes. The contract will be advertised on the Village notice board, the Post office and the Jed Eye.
• Proposal for Borders Area National Park Status – A Drummond had circulated information to CC members. After brief discussion no decision was reached. It was thought that maybe someone from SBC Planning Department might be invited to give a presentation and that the matter was on the agenda of the Cheviot Area Forum during December and our delegate would be able to report back.
• A Drummond confirmed that the letter from A Gillan tendering her resignation from the Community Council had now been received. The meeting approved a letter be sent to her acknowledging her services to the Community Council.

SBC Councillor Report:
No Councillor report

• Road Closures – various
• SBC agendas – various
• Neighbourhood Watch newsletter and warnings about various scams
• Broxap Plastic Products – sales literature
• Scottish Community Alliance(subscribed) October
• Car Boot booking enquiries
• Emails regarding the War Memorial Exhibition
• Buccleuch estates emails regarding land on Green
• St Boswells Live - publicity and request for volunteers
• National Park Status proposal – various emails
• A Gillan email regarding resignation form CC
• SESplan Main Issues Report – notice of comments available online
• Draft of Strategic Plan for Health and Social Care Integration –notice of events
• Digital Scotland superfast broadband – win a Christmas tree
• Older People services Development Project
• SBC News Release – invitation to public to contribute to budget setting process
• Free trees for communities
• BCS Bus Shelters Sales Literature
• Borders Community Empowerment Conference – 21 November
• Scrutiny Reviews – message from Councilor Logan
• Ruthven Alarms – annual check of Village Hall lights
• Dates of Church Newsletters
• Scottish Water – sampling your water and customer safety from bogus callers
• C Denoon requesting updated information to update St Boswells Bordernet site
• By Post –Car Boot booking request
• By Post – Registration details for Data protection Certificate
• By Post – Car Boot and Vintage Vehicle gathering for 17 April 2016

Treasurers Report:
A Marks reported the following;
Balance brought forward from 29 October 2015 - £1579.80
Income received – nil
Expected income – nil
Expenditure (Secretary expenses and The Bridge Jedburgh) - £82.26
Monies Carried forward at 24 September 2015 - £1497.54
The Road on the Green maintenance Fund (based on 10% income) is £116.45 leaving a balance of £1381.09 normal funds available

A Drummond reported application for replacement windows for property on the Croft.
No updated information about the Chip Shop windows

Any other business:
• Ruthven Alarm checking of Village Hall lights – approved by meeting
• Car Boot and Vintage Vehicle gathering on 17 April – approved by meeting. The Green now being used on consecutive days. No other bookings for April
• Resilience - agenda for January 2016
• Village Clean up – agenda for January 2016
• Garden Competition – R Parker tabled options paper – agenda for January 2016. A Drummond to contact Southern Reporter re failure to publish recent winner.
• SBC Countryside Access – S Kevan has now completed walks around village and taken photographs for booklet of walks (to include Maxton, Bowden, Lilliesleaf, Midlem, Newtown, Ancrum and St Boswells) to be published next year. A draft will be circulated to Community Council prior to publication. Issues were identified about 2 overhanging hedges (part of CC grasscutting contract), handrail for steps and repairing ground slippage near Marks Grass (to be undertaken by SBC) and structural damage to metal framed bench at Braehead (D Black to action)
• Query about the guidelines for SBC Councillors to declare interests prior to a vote

Date and time of next meeting
28 January 2016 @ 7.30 in the Lesser Hall of Village Hall.

Minutes of the Meeting of St Boswells Parish Community Council of 26th November 2015, Scotland