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Information on the village of St. Boswells in Scotland.

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Minutes of the AGM of the Village Committee

Village Committee AGM Meeting Minutes

St Boswells Village Lesser Hall on 12th November 2015

Approval of last minutes
Matters Arising
Chairpersons Review 2014/15
Treasurers Report
Committee Stand down
Election of Office Bearers
Proposals from any new interested groups for 2016
Set date for next open meeting.

Suzan Bell - Chairperson
Elaine Reid - Secretary
Judith Folan - Treasurer
Keith Farnish – St Boswells Live/Cricket Club Rep
Burnett Wilson – PSC rep
Isobel Brown – PSC Rep
Liz Todd – PSC Rep
Cat Cameron – PFP rep
Kate Warner – Village hall rep

Apologies: Jim Thomson, Sylvia Grundy, Fran Martin, Christine Lawrie, Roy Barrie

Welcome /Apologies
Introductions completed & Apologies recorded

Approval of last minutes

Matters Arising

Chairperson’s Review 2014/2015

Suzan Bell gave the following report:
“Despite the variable weather, St Boswells 2015 Village Week was on the whole a good week. Most events were well attended, and brought some well-deserved funds to our local clubs and organisations.

The Tennis Fun Day saw beautiful sunshine and a lovely afternoon of tennis, cream teas and bbq. Unfortunately the weather turned on the Sunday, which affected the Tennis Club’s car boot sale as only a handful of car-boots turned out.

Jango Star entertained the youngsters on Monday. This was very well attended. The weather turned again, and Golf Fun afternoon turned wet and windy.

The Dere Street walk on Tuesday was rather poorly attended and we should perhaps question if this is something we wish to continue with in the future.

Boswells Got Talent returned to Village Week. There was an excellent turn out with fantastic talent from young to old.

Friday was Family Football – it was a lovely evening - what a difference the good weather makes. The vent was very well supported with lots of families mixing and mingling together.

Saturday was the Pet Show which again had a good turn-out despite the weather. A late decision to bring the fancy dress in doors brought a little chaos to the afternoon, but that was felt to be a more favourable option than to have the super fancy dress entries blowing in the wind, losing bits n bobs from their costumes. A last minute addition to the programme was the family disco from 4pm to 6pm which was well attended but perhaps a little too long – something to bear in mind for the future perhaps.

Potted sports and village race was well attended on the Sunday, despite the clash with Cameron Gunn tournament and other local sporting events. The day was finished off by the usual rounders which was enjoyed by all who participated.

Thank you to all the helpers and committee members for the various jobs and tasks they helped out with such as putting up bunting, tables, marques, posters, etc. It was a great team effort from everyone. Thanks especially to Judith and Elaine for their hard work and effort.”

Treasurers Report

Judith Folan gave the following financial report:
“We were once again fortunate enough to receive our funding of £2750 from SBC and put it to good use, spending £3259.88. All of this was spent in the course of Village Week itself in the first week of June 2015, bar £200 donated to the church for their annual ceilidh at the start of the year.

With all the groups receiving funding to cover their costs, £4050 was raised in total to swell the coffers of all those groups who had put on events In the course of the week. Amounts raised were: School - £1556; NP&T - £650; St Boswells Live - £516; Pensioners - £499; Football Club - £227; Cricket Club - £275; and Church - £91.

Looking forward, SBC has confirmed our funding until 2017/18 and we have a healthy bank balance of £6,380. We also now have insurance in place through SBC which allows the Village Race to take place under the auspices of the Village Week Committee rather than the school. We do now though have to complete an annual monitoring form for SBC every year to ensure to ensure we meet the requirements for our funding to continue.”

Judith expressed thanks to Kenny Ovens for once again being kind enough to audit the accounts.

Committee Stand down
Judith is standing down as Treasurer having served in the role for 6 years. Elaine is also standing down as Secretary after 2 years in the role.

Election of Office Bearers
Suzan Bell will continue as Chairperson.

The Treasurer and Secretary roles are currently vacant. Despite various appeals, no volunteers have yet come forward offering to fill these committee roles.

Proposals from any new interested groups for 2016
In the light of the uncertainty about the ability of the Village Week Committee to continue to function due to the Treasurer and Secretary roles being vacant, there was no discussion about a likely programme of events for 2016.


Community Events Funding Requests
Judith has received funding applications from 3 groups to assist with the running of some proposed community group events outside of Village week. It was agreed at the meeting that the Football Club should be awarded £200 to assist with their New Year’s Eve disco, the PSC should be awarded £300 to fund their Xmas panto trip and Xmas lunch, and the Church should be awarded £100 towards the cost of running their ceilidh in January 2016.

Recruitment of Village Week Committee Members
Suzan will prepare a short message to appeal for volunteers to join the Village Week committee, and specifically to take on the roles of committee Treasurer and Secretary. The message will be circulated via various village community group Facebook pages and email lists in the hope that at least two volunteers will come forward by 31st December 2015. Interested volunteers should contact Suzan directly via the email address to be included in the message. If there are no volunteers by this date, there will be no Village Week in 2016 or beyond as there will be no committee to coordinate its organisation.

Set date for next open meeting.

Under the present circumstances, no date for an initial open meeting has been set.

Minutes of the AGM of the Village Committee, Scotland