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Information on the village of St. Boswells in Scotland.

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Minutes of St Boswells Community Council Meeting held on 27th August 2015

St Boswells Community Council Minutes of Meeting
27 August 2015 Lesser Hall, St Boswells Village Hall
at 7.30pm

A Drummond (Acting Chair) advised the meeting of what to do in the event of a fire.

Attending: A Drummond, R Parker, A Marks, M Evans and 3 members of the public and Councillor Stewart
Apologies: A Gillan, T Jackson, K Hughes, D Black, D Oliver, J Pollock, S Pollock and Councillors Scott and Brown and Police Constable Dawson

Minutes of Last Meeting: On the proposal of A Drummond seconded by A Marks the minute of meeting held on 25 June 2015 was approved

Police Report: See attached Report
Meeting also noted that Her Majesty Inspectorate is consulting with the public about the Police Service and questionnaires can be found on the Scottish Government website.

Matters Arising
• Presentation by David Mallin, SBC Lead Localities Officer for pathfinder project in the Cheviot Area. Against the background of financial constraints the work is to coordinate different Council Departments and other agencies to streamline decision making and consequential actions. The project, originating from the Christie Commission and the Community Empowerment Act, will support (including funding bids) a Community led project in the Cheviot Area.
• Formal cooption of electoral role number 758, Mr David H Black, Grosvenor Place, Main Street, St Boswells, Melrose. TD6 0AT
• Village Garden competition – Hanging basket and best garden won by T McEwan, 12 Weirgate Avenue and 2nd garden won by J Smith, 6 Weirgate Brae.
The meeting held a short discussion about the framework of the garden competition and R Parker agreed to prepare a discussion paper for a future meeting.
• Spring Clean of the village – continued from previous meeting. R Parker has offered to coordinate late 2015/early 2016 and will contact A Finnie of SBC to access resources.
• Green track posts and associated grass cutting – a single quotation has now been received but we await 2 others before a decision can be made. D Oliver is to meet with A Finnie of SBC to reassess implications for grass cutting regime.
• War Memorial - application for funding to support the exhibition in Village Hall on 08 November 2015 to be submitted to Cheviot Forum. Hall is booked and there have been offers of publicity and other materials for the exhibition. The Hall Committee have been asked if they would like to coordinate refreshments
• Resilient Communities – R Parker and A Marks have issued a letter to all people who responded to questionnaire that there is an insufficient number of people to be able to do justice to this initiative at this time. The meeting confirmed that we will look at this initiative again in the near future. The discussion included observations about the wording of the information leaflet and the questionnaire, and the view was expressed that written material should be simplified and in plain English – the existing high level of voluntary effort in the village was noted.
• Benrig/Kirk Road – vehicles and pedestrians were experiencing difficulties because of overgrown passing places. A Drummond will refer matter to Local Area Foreman for action.
• Pot holes on Charlesfield Road – A Drummond will refer concerns to Local Area Foreman for action
• Car Boot Sales 2016 – A Drummond has now developed a spread sheet for bookings which will operate from mid March to early October 2016
• Any Matters Outstanding – It was noted that S Kevan, Countryside Access Officer has returned to work after periods of ill health and has resumed work on the ‘Local Walks’ leaflet – SBC will be advised that the car parking bay signage at the Bus Station requires remedial action – SBC will be advised that there is old road signage applying to a previous TRO on the Main Street at the Church Hall which requires to be removed.

SBC Councilor Stewart Report:
• Borders Rail update – details of events from 05 September
• Aviva tour of Britain – details of the route and timetable for this event stage in Borders on 08 and 09 September
• Heritage Festival programme – details of events between 05 and 30 September
• Copy of ‘Whats On’ circulated to meeting
• Scottish Government plans for River Tweed – detail of SBC response that highlights the pivotal role of the Tweed River Commissioners
• Police, Fire and Community Safety Agencies – brief discussion about the resignation of the Head of Police Scotland and Community Policing
• Routing community queries via local Councillor can speed up decision making and action. Some concern about the Councils website not always user friendly.
• Road Closures – various
• SBC agendas – various
• Neighbourhood Watch newsletter and warnings about various scams
• Broxap Plastic Products – sales literature
• Scottish Community Alliance(subscribed) July and August
• Car Boot booking enquiries
• Draft Strategic Plan – For Health and Social Care proposals
• Safer Borders newsletter July
• 5th Review of Electoral Arrangements on Boundary Changes – public consultation
• Milestone Sponsorship of garden competition confirmation
• Emails regarding War Memorial Exhibition
• J Lamont MSP newsletter
• HMICS Review of call handling – Police Scotland
• SESplan Main Issues Report consultation – upcoming events
• Scottish Resilient Communities Conference 2015
• D Mallin – introductory email (see minute above)
• Digital engagement of community Councils workshops – Autumn 2015
• Commission on Local Tax Reform – public event
• Written estimates for green track posts and grass cutting
• Email correspondence with A Finnie, SBC
• Fairer Scotland Community Council Event – 16 September
• Borders Railway survey request
• Safeguarding Course
• Digital Scotland – Fibre broadband – sharing good news stories
• Bus service 964 Maxton-Newtown-Galashiels withdrawal of service notification
• Request for CC members details from democratic Services
• Knowledge Hub has a new web address
• SES Plan – hard copy
• Police Report
• Gypsy travelers at Oxnam Road – illegal site
• Planning Aid Scotland panel discussion on 10 September
• SESplan Main Issues Report Seminar Events
• Woman War and Peace screening of ‘Pray the Devil back to Hell’
• Free Food Hygiene Training for lunch club volunteers
• Health and Social Care Integration Event and Annual conference 2015
• By Post
SBC Local Access and Transport Strategy Main Issues report

Treasurers Report:
A Marks reported the following
Balance brought forward from 25 June 2015 - £1111.83
Income received - £125 (car boot sale/Green usage)
Expenditure - £60 (hire of Village Hall)
Expected income – Car boot sales on 02/09 and 09/09
Monies carried forward at 27 August 2015 - £1176.83 (includes £89.25 allocated to the Road on the Green Maintenance Fund calculated at 10% of CC income) leaving a balance of £1087.58 normal funds available
Please note most of these funds are now in the Clydesdale Bank with only a small amount keeping Royal Bank open for potential payments into this account until all have the new bank account on file.

Planning: A Drummond reported only 1 application for a workshop at Charlesfield.

Any other business:
• Awaiting two replacement benches for the Green and noted that an existing bench has been damaged
• Discussion about the increase in traffic travelling through the village including heavy transport to the Bio Mass unit at Charlesfield. The likelihood of any funding becoming available in the future for a village bypass was remote even if it was deemed to be an appropriate option.
• Relocation of Bus stance to Vets Field and redesignating existing Bus stance as a car park area – feasibility study pending
• Letter from Mr Bruce, Hamilton Place regarding public safety and the old tree on his ground at the corner of Hamilton Place/Croft. Councillor Stewart suggested referral to the Councils Tree preservation Officer who could assess its status. This led to a discussion about trees along the Avenue and Lessudden Place.
• Village Press Secretary – It was suggested that E Drummond might be interested in this role and it was noted that C Denoon is the local contact for the Bordernet webpage.
• Next Cheviot Forum is scheduled for 16 September

Date and time of next meeting – 24 September @ 7.30 in the Lesser Hall of Village Hall.

Minutes of St Boswells Community Council Meeting held on 27th August 2015, Scotland