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Information on the village of St. Boswells in Scotland.

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Minutes of the AGM of St Boswells Parish Community Council held on 30th April 2015

St Boswells Community Council
St Boswells Village Hall
30 April 2015

Minutes of Meeting – Annual General Meeting

1. D Oliver reminded the attending what to do in the event of a fire
2. Present – D Oliver, H Huddleston, R Parker, A Gillan, J Pollock, S Pollock, A Drummond, K Steel, G Watt, M Murray, Councillor R Stewart, M Evans, A Marks,
K Hughes
3. Apologies – Councillor J Brown, Councillor S Scott, PC J Dawson
4. Minutes of meeting 24th April 2015 – Approved A Drummond, 2nd R Parker
5. Chairpersons Report
• Path on the Green – known as the Green Track, finally tarred with households contributing to it. Everyone is happy and hopefully it will remain intact for many years, We are thinking about posts at the side of the track to ensure that traffic stays on the track and the edges don’t get damaged.
• Car Boot Sales – are very successful raising £670.36
• War Memorial – planning permission has been approved and the next step is for a public consultation with detailed drawings and exhibition in the Village Hall, which is required for funding
• Gypsy Exhibition – a great success not only with gypsies, but with locals and some far travelled visitors coming for the day. It has brought the travellers and villagers closer together and we should think of it as a Village Fair, not just a gypsy fair. Thanks were given to R Parker for all his hard work in the organisation and to all others who helped. All travellers have agreed to pay for their time on The Green with Roy Morrison collecting monies
• Jed Eye – would appreciate more contributions from the village
• Parking – it has been suggested that bollards be placed on the pavement outside the Co-op to help solve the problem of parking on the pavement. This issues is ongoing
• Vets Field – talks are ongoing regarding purchase of the field to form new bus stance and additional parking much needed in the centre of the village. Perrymans are in full support of this plan
• Resilient Community – this is slowly getting off the ground with a separate committee being formed under the wing of the Community Council for insurance purposes – again thanks were given to R Parker
• Parking – talks are under way with SBHA and SBC regarding parking at corners of Southfield and St Modens Road. Hopefully these will be adopted by SBC to allow additional parking in the scheme
• Keyline kindly donated a new trophy for the Gardens Completion. There are some well cared for gardens and hanging baskets in the village, but the winner, judged by Milestone who donated vouchers, was Mrs Harris of Inchdarnie Crescent.
• No further forward with defibrillator outside the post office
• D Oliver thanked the Secretary, A Drummond, for all his hard work and stressed that the Community Council could not run without all his hard work. Also thanked were treasurer K Steel, who’s position needs to be filled. The minutes secretary, H Huddleston and Vice Chairperson, who stands in for Chairperson when needed, were also thanked along with all other members of the Community Council. Finally thanks were given to all the members of public who support the Community Council.

6. Treasurer’s Report

Income Expenditure
SBC Gypsy Exhibition Grant £1852.00 JD Kerr Green Road £8901.48
SBC CC Annual Grant £875.00 Gypsy Exhibition £1823.64
SBC Maintenance Grant £694.50 Christmas Lights removal £126.72
BT Wayleave Payment £756.00 Christmas Lights electricity £25.00
Donations for use of Green £670.35 Christmas Lights refurbishment £374.00
Green Road Payments £7629.84 Hire of British Legion £100.00
From K Steel (open CB a/c) £1.00 St Boswells Hall rent £80.00
Bank Interest £5.42 Lucie’s Smiles Hall rental £25.00
Best Gardens Prize £20.00
Remembrance Day Wreath £30.80
Oliver & Son (table repair) £29.58
GB Garden – Path Maintenance £694.50
Balance on 1/4/14 £716.03 £12234.18 £13200.15
Note – 10% of funds raised from donations of Green usage are being kept for repair of The Green Track (£53.44)

Balance at 31/3/15 £965.57

Represented by:

Balance £965.97
Held in 2 accounts
Royal Bank of Scotland £52.57
Clydesdale Bank £913.40

I have examined the documents provided and the above statement gives a true record
Signed – Kenneth G Ovens 21/4/15

7. Election of Office Bearers – Councillor Stewart thanked D Oliver for his service as Chairperson

Chairperson – D Oliver (1 year only until next AGM) 1st – R Parker 2nd – A Gillan
Vice Chairperson – J Pollock
1st – D Oliver 2nd – A Gillan
Secretary – A Drummond
1st – D Oliver 2nd – A Gillan
Minute Secretary – R Parker
1st – A Gillan 2nd – D Oliver
Treasurer - A Marks (trial period of 1 year)
1st – J Pollock 2nd – A Drummond

8. Agreement to abide by the Scottish Borders Council Code of Conduct for Community Councils - All Community Councillors agreed to abide by above Code of Conduct

Minutes of the AGM of St Boswells Parish Community Council held on 30th April 2015, Scotland