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Information on the village of St. Boswells in Scotland.

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Village Week Committee AGM Meeting Minutes

Village Week Committee AGM Meeting Minutes

Meeting Information

Date: 09/12/14
Starting time 19:30 Ending time: 20:30
Location: The Rig, Jenny Moores Road

Approval of last minutes
Matters Arising
Chairpersons Review 2013/2014
Treasurers Report
Committee Stand down
Election of Office Bearers
Feedback from any new interested groups for 2015
Set date for next open meeting.

Name - Role
Elaine Reid Secretary
Judith Folan Treasurer
Keith Farnish St Boswells Live rep/ Cricket Club rep
Christine Lawrie Drama Club rep
Alan Frank Drama Club rep
Suzan Bell
Roy Barrie Football rep/Golf Club rep
Cat Cameron PFP rep
Sheila Moir St Boswells Church rep
Kate Warner

Apologies: Sandra Thomas, Hazel Scott, Louise Taylor, Margaret Nailen, Sylvia Grundy, Ali Collins, Burnett Wilson

Summary: AGM meeting
Welcome /Apologies

Introductions completed & Apologies recorded

Approval of last minutes

Approved (KW approved, KF seconded)

Matters Arising None

Chairpersons Review 2013/2014

In the absence of a Committee Chairperson, Judith Folan gave the following report:

During St Boswells Village Week 2014, the weather was generally good and as a result all of the various events which took place were well attended. One exception, however, was the First Responders road race which had to be cancelled because approval for the proposed route could not be obtained. The race will not be proposed for inclusion in the 2015 events programme as the FR group has since folded. The FR coffee morning on 31st May did still go ahead however, and was well attended.

Boswells Got Talent took a year off in 2014 – it was replaced by a Quiz Night event organised by the Pensioners Group but attendance was rather disappointing. As a result, the option of reinstating the BGT event will be explored.

Thanks were extended to the many people who gave their time and effort to make 2014 Village Week happen.

Treasurers Report

Judith Folan gave the following financial report:

The final round of SBC funding amounting to £2,750 was received and, once again, it was put to good use. Around £4,000 was raised during Village Week across all of the groups supported by the funding.

£575 was also donated to various groups throughout the year. As a result, our bank account now has a closing balance of £6888.91 which is almost £500 less than at the beginning of the year and it is envisaged that this trend will continue as we keep up our support of local groups and events. The committee is still waiting to hear if any further funding will be available from SBC to assist with the organisation of 2015 Village Week events.

Judith expressed thanks to Kenny Ovens for once again being kind enough to audit the accounts.

Committee Stand down There were no committee stand downs.

Election of Office Bearers

Judith Folan will continue as Treasurer (KW proposed, CC seconded)
Elaine Reid will continue as secretary (KF, Proposed, JF seconded)
Suzan Bell was nominated and elected as the new Chairperson (KW proposed, SM seconded)

Kate Warner offered to lend assistance generally as/when required – Kate’s offered was warmly accepted.

Feedback from any new interested groups for 2015

The start date for 2015 village week will be 30th May 2015.

Possible Drama Club show/feature – one proposal was that, if BGT is reinstated, the Drama Club could put on a short 10-15 minute feature to fill the time whilst the judges conferred. Participation in this way would offer a chance to promote the Drama Club. Proposal to be discussed at the next Drama Club meeting. As in previous years, the Pensioners group would benefit from income raised from the BGT event.

Following the folding of the First Responders group, another group may wish to take on organisation of the coffee morning event on the first Saturday of Village Week (30th May in 2015). Arthurshiels Rescue Centre was suggested as one possible group that may be interested in taking this on – CC offered to make some initial enquiries in this respect.

There was outline support for the suggestions that the Fancy Dress and Family Disco events could be moved to from Friday night to Saturday night to give participants more time to get ready. Correspondingly, the Football could be moved from Saturday afternoon to Friday afternoon which would work well given that the local schools now close at lunchtime on Fridays. Both proposals will be discussed further.

Inclusion of a climbing wall within the Potted Sport event was also suggested for consideration as this was felt likely to be very popular. This too will be discussed further.

Some concerns have been raised regarding possible liability issues that could potentially arise from the Village Race event. Public liability insurance may be required along with relevant risk assessment(s). Advice on PLI needs to be sought to enable any decisions to be made on its necessity for the Village Race, and perhaps also for certain other Village Week events if deemed necessary for them too. KW offered to enquire about the PLI held by the Village Hall committee for the Hall to aid understanding and possible requirement in the context of Village Week events.


JF suggested consideration of a ‘Great British Bake Off’ type of event for possible inclusion in future Village week events programmes if there is a suitable vacant time slot in the programme. The idea will be discussed at future Village Week meetings.

SM asked for help to find the cross and the additional chairs required for the Sunday service on the Croft - around 50 chairs are typically required for this event. KW advised that the chairs (formerly from the church hall) were stored at the British Legion in the past, however the Legion building is now up for sale and the chairs will need to be retrieved and alternative storage facilities found. KW suggested that someone needs to be nominated by the Church to act as liaison coordinator to ensure that the whereabouts of the cross and the chairs is established. The coordinator would also need to be responsible for ensuring that the cross and the chairs are set up for the Sunday service, and returned to storage afterwards.

Set date for next open meeting.

Tuesday 27th January 2015 at 7:30pm in either the Lesser or Upper Hall within the Village Hall (depending on room availability – KW to check the diary and make the booking).

Village Week Committee AGM Meeting Minutes, Scotland